West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE: second elevated repair platform

Although it was supposed to be completed this morning, at 4 p.m., the lifting of the second half of the West Seattle Bridge’s second repair platform had not yet taken place. Only the first half.

So we waited near the east end of the low bridge for a while, decided it didn’t look like the lift was imminent, walked back to our car on SW Marginal Place – then looked back and saw that it was in place:

These platforms are in different locations than those used during stabilization work – further west and east. And now ? The weekly update of SDOT says now that the platforms are all up, “we can start assembling scaffolding on them and getting the carbon fiber trim work ready on the outside of the deck.” Next week we will also start the epoxy injection work inside the bridge. We are also continuing to scan the concrete with ground penetrating radar in preparation for the core drilling that will take place next month. Coring allows us to create access holes to run post-tension cables so they can further reinforce the strength of the bridge’s concrete.

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