Vic Fangio reunites with ‘special’ Brandon Staley when Broncos face Chargers – Denver Broncos blog

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado – On occasion, NFL peers will contact Denver Broncos coach Vic Fangio in the hopes that his long list of contacts will provide another coaching gem.

“They’re going to ask me, ‘Do you have any other Brandon Staleys?'” Fangio said.

Staley, a former assistant to Fangio in his first season as coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, has garnered praise for his decidedly old-fashioned approach to physical defense as well as his youthful outlook on analysis, relationships with players and a healthy dose of human perspective.

Fangio and Staley will meet for the first time as head coaches on Sunday at Empower Field in Mile High (4:05 p.m. ET, CBS). And they will face each other from very different angles. The Broncos are 5-5, with extremely inconsistent moments surrounding an iconic victory in Dallas three weeks ago. The Chargers, at 6-4 with a long-term solution to quarterback for the 23-year-old Justin herbert, are currently in pursuit of the Kansas City Chiefs for the lead of AFC West. And with Herbert at the heart of what they do on and off the pitch, Staley is in the early stages of determining what his tenure will look like.

To many, Staley’s only season on the Broncos’ staff (2019) – he also worked under Fangio for two seasons with the Chicago Bears when Fangio was the team’s defensive coordinator – had the appearance of a head coach on hold.

As a linebacker Bradley Chubb said: “It was Christmas time [in ’19] and his wife just asked us to sign him a jersey. And I wrote on the jersey: “I can’t wait to see you become a head coach one day.” It was just the energy he brought to the meetings, the way he approached it, just different things. “

From a football standpoint, the two defenses on the pitch on Sunday should look alike. Week after week, the game’s video is clear: Staley believes in much of what he learned from Fangio, the importance of a handy security – Derwin James for the Chargers and Justin simmons for the Broncos – to the variety of covers, especially in the red zone, and the desire to make four-man pressure packages work when chasing opposing quarterbacks.

“When I interviewed him during the winter of [2017] … I knew he had the ability to be a really good coach, for me to predict he would be head coach four years later, I hadn’t predicted it, “Fangio said.” But I knew. that Brandon had special abilities as a coach, had a very good understanding of the game, on both sides of the ball, [I] was really happy to hire him. “

Broncos linebacker Kenny Young, who was acquired on Oct. 25 from the Los Angeles Rams, played for Staley last season when he was the Rams’ defensive coordinator. And Young, who has started all three Broncos games since arriving, said his time with Staley gave him a head start on the breathtaking four-day transition from arriving on site at the Broncos premises to his game. against Washington on Halloween.

“I was fortunate enough to really step into [Fangio’s] head a bit by spending time with him over the past few weeks and seeing his overall philosophy of how he feels about defense, ”Young said. “I always knew he was a great coach because we had Staley, and basically he was the father of what Staley brought to the Rams. It was really a lot of postponement, but [Fangio] is a very brilliant trainer. He’s very smart. He thinks outside the box and I think one of the things I respect the most about him is that he puts his players where they are best in the match. “

Staley explained how much Fangio matters to his development. Since both reside in the same division, their brand of defense will impact the outcome of a close division run.

The Chiefs, who won four in a row after a 3-4 start, worked their way to first place (7-4), with the Chargers just behind and the Broncos and Raiders at 5-5. The Chargers are currently No.5 in the league (209.9 passing yards allowed per game) while the Broncos are No.9 (218.1 passing yards allowed per game).

“[It’s] a quarterback division with the other three teams, obviously good attacks, good defenses, you know, Kansas City is playing really well on defense now, the Chargers are, the Raiders stepped it up defensively, ”said Fangio. “I see full teams. who are led by very good quarterbacks. “

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