Update on the Odeon and Evoque fires given by Preston City Council

Smoke billowing from the old nightclub at the height of the fire on Thursday Pic: Daniella Areas Mendes-da-Cruz

After the former Evoque nightclub and Odeon cinema on Church Street burned down last month, the site is still being cleared of emergency demolition work.


Barriers are still in place until the work is completed.

Preston City Council’s Planning Department received a valid planning application for ‘demolition of existing buildings and restoration of site’ on Tuesday 14th June 2022.

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A decision on the application which has just been received is expected on Monday 7 August.

The application goes through the standard planning process.

Demolition crew move in after fire at former nightclub Pic: Shane King
Demolition crew move in after fire at former nightclub Pic: Shane King

Ally Brown, Director of Communities and Environment, said: “Emergency demolition work at this site was required immediately after the fire was extinguished.

“Structural elements deemed immediately unsafe have now been dismantled and contractors on behalf of the building owners are in the process of removing the waste from the site and the current site enclosure will remain in place until this is complete.

“Our officers will assess all information provided and if additional information is required for our planning decision to be made, this will be requested as necessary from the officers concerned.

“In the interest of security, we will carefully review all information we receive.”

Since the recent town center incidents, Preston City Council has worked closely with partner agencies to monitor security around other unused and at-risk buildings in the town center and surrounding areas.

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