Toronto restaurant posts emotional video after it closes permanently


A Toronto brunch coffee shop posted the most candid video online of them turning their sign over to “closed” for the very last time.

Video shows customers and staff gathered inside Gayley’s Cafe for the ceremonial moment.

“I have the best customers ever,” owner Tatiana Rogova says in a short speech in the video, just before she flips.

As the staff announce that it is their last day, clients’ eyes are fixed on the staff, one person emotionally squeezing their chest.

Although turning the panel over in the video is a bit sad, everyone is applauding in the packed house, the staff clinking glasses with drinks, smiling and kissing.

“There will be a different restaurant here, so it will still be part of the neighborhood,” announces a staff member after the sign is returned.

“But, without me,” Rogova said, people laughing and saying “awww” in response.

“Champagne for all!” the staff said at the end of the video, the camera turning to show the chef in the kitchen.

“For me and my team it was a very emotional day. The activity was based on the repeat customers who have been coming for years,” Rogova told blogTO.

“It was more than food, we shared our lives. There are tons of stories in my head and especially in my heart. and hug me, breaks up. “

If you didn’t know, Gayley’s apparently had an officially designated room divider, which Rogova “ultimately got rid of to avoid breaking glasses and drowning in tears.”

Although Gayley’s made it clear that the closure was unrelated to the closures, the restaurant had previously expressed that it was struggling to stay open as early as March 2020.

“We drank champagne with shots of crystal clear vodka, why not. I was the worst waiter ever, orders messed up, cutlery fell on the floor,” says Rogova.

“Nice mess. It was fun watching the customers for the first and last time, who had no idea what was going on, but it took a few minutes for them to feel the vibe, to join our celebration. Love was in the air. “

Although the last day for Gayley’s was October 31, the video was just posted to the restaurant’s account in December.


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