‘There is no war on cars. There is a war on bikes’: Cyclists react to ‘extremely damaging’ license plates and Grant Shapps speed limit pledge + more on the live blog

What do I hear, drifting over Whitehall? Another anti-bike dog whistle?

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps’ latest attempt to not do his job properly / appeal to 4×4 driving, perpetually angry about all that ‘woke’ stuff, section of the Tory electorate / distracting us all real serious problems [delete as appropriate] has – rather predictably – gone down like a lead balloon.

In case you missed it late last night, Shapps – just over a week after reiterating his promise to introduce a “law causing death by dangerous cycling” – once again decided to move the focus on road safety and infrastructure towards some of the most vulnerable road users, arguing that cyclists should be insured, have license plates on their bikes and be subject to the same speed limits as motorists .

Oh, and making sure that position gets splashed across the front page of the Daily Mail this morning.

While Shapps’ latest cycling-related engagement may simply prove a rather desperate ploy to win the affections of the Mail’s readership, the fact that he made headlines – or even was mentioned at all – has been described as “extremely damaging” by those within the cycling community.

ITV cycling commentator Ned Boulting noted the sad irony of it all:

The Guardian’s Peter Walker, meanwhile, described Shapps’ promise – and its potential real-life effects – as “incredibly alarming”:

Transport commentator Christian Wolmar argued that Shapps was “just playing basic” and that the whole thing was “pathetic”:

Other cyclists were equally unimpressed:

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