The National Weather Service radar site covering central Texas will be out of service this week


AUSTIN (KXAN) – One of the radar sites covering central Texas will be down for about five days this week to allow for several maintenance updates.

The new Braunfels KEWX radar is the radar that will undergo major maintenance from Tuesday 9 November to Saturday 13 November.

NWS Austin / San Antonio has multiple speed cameras, labeled with a four-letter call sign, covering their County Warning Zone (CWA). The two closest radars to Austin are the KGRK radar sites in Granger, Texas in northeast Williamson County and KEWX in New Braunfels, Texas in Guadalupe County.

NWS Austin / San Antonio explained the maintenance performed:

  • Cleaning of radomes
  • New coat of paint
  • Replacement panels as needed

These types of updates and maintenance occur every few years.

While the radar may only be completely out of order for two to three days, there may be on and off failures during the five-day period from Tuesday to Saturday.

The same radar had much larger improvements in January 2020 to replace the pedestal.

While the KEWX radar is out of service, we are not left without radar. Granger’s operational radar will continue to be our primary radar for the duration of the maintenance. Typically, the Granger radar would be the preferred radar anyway as it is the radar closest to the Austin metro. The New Braunfels radar, however, still plays an important role in covering gaps in coverage or if the Granger radar fails.

In January 2021, the Granger KGRK radar underwent a major upgrade when its cradle was replaced, along with a number of other upgrades.

NWS Austin / San Antonio provided this map showing radar coverage when the KEWX radar is down.

Image: NWS Austin / San Antonio

Fortunately, we have a rather dry outlook for the next week or so, so limited radar coverage shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

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