The Best and Worst Popeyes Places in Toronto

Popeyes in Toronto are popping up more and more in this city, and while we sure have a taste for fried chicken here, the locations of this particular fast food restaurant can be hit or miss. You’re going to want to figure out how to get that crunchy goodness without having to hit a rough spot.

Here are my picks for the best and worst Popeyes locations in Toronto.

Place Gerard

Some of the best Popeyes locations are actually in malls, and this mall is actually a bit of a neighborhood gem and a community hub. Because of that, it’s a nice, clean atmosphere to pick up food, and the service is also good.

Liberty Village

Since this neighborhood is slightly newer than some others in the city and has many condominium residents, demand is high for newer and better outposts of fast food chains. Away from a main street, this place isn’t too busy all the time.

Dufferin Shopping Center

Instead of heading to the grittier Main Street location near Bloor, head to the mall during opening hours for a better food court experience. This food court is not only nostalgic to many, it is also very bright and quite nice and clean.

Queen and Spadina

Food tends to be well prepared here and may even taste a little less greasy than other places. Despite how busy this intersection is, the staff are generally quick and handle things well.

Sherbourne and Bloor

Tucked away under a building, this place in Popeyes feels a bit like a hidden gem, so it’s not as overgrown, busy or messy as the others. If you’re looking to get away from it all but still need your chicken fix, consider heading here.

Bloor and Dufferin

This place gets a lot of traffic, and as any fast food fan knows, that doesn’t always make for the best experience. While its location is convenient, it’s not always the cleanest with a stinky, messy parking lot behind it.

Parkdale (King West)

There’s also an outpost at King off Dufferin, and visiting either of these Dufferin Street Popeyes is a bit of a gamble. It may seem like the food has been sitting around for a while, and that may be because the service tends to be slower.

College and Spadina

The selection of fast food chains clustered around this intersection is frankly a bit sad in contrast to the bustling cultural vibe of the neighborhood. The Popeyes here is no exception, and being open 24 hours means it’s slightly sketchy and full of drunk people on the weekends.

Bathurst and St. Clair

Some people usually think that the food at this place is not as good as others, even after several attempts. It can feel like they are cutting deals short which is weird as the service can also be very slow.

Yonge and Dundas

This intersection can be risky when it comes to grabbing fast food joints, especially from a chain point, but this place is not well guarded compared to others. It also has a reputation for being dirtier than other places and having slower service.

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