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Our student bloggers write about how they are dealing with the current global health crisis, provide an overview of their school’s performing arts programs, share their opinions on the latest theater news, and more.

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Student blog: Back to campus

Student blogger: Michael scuotto

Extract: I’m extremely lucky to have all of my classes in person (masked, of course). Although I am delighted with each of my classes, my acting classes have been particularly exciting. The opportunity to be in a room with other directors again was magical. In just a few days, I feel like I have established a thriving community of artists and creators who will use this privilege to do wonderful things. There is a feeling of joy and excitement vibrating in the air, and I can’t get enough of it.

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Student Blogs This Week - Performing Arts Diplomas, Return to the Rehearsal Room, and More! Student Blog: Chat with TikTok Sensation Broadway Bob about his new podcast, Patti LuPone, and more

Student blogger: Marissa tomeo

Extract: This week, I had the honor of interviewing the comedian, activist, theater lover and Patti LuPone-impressionist, Broadway Bob! Bob (@broadwaybob on TikTok and @thebroadwaybob on Instagram) has made a name for himself in the TikTok theater community, with 45,000 followers and over 2.8 million likes on his account. I found his account over a year ago, instantly dropping a follow when I saw a video in which he dubbed a Patti LuPone performance with strange and hilarious precision.

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Student Blogs This Week - Performing Arts Diplomas, Return to the Rehearsal Room, and More! Student blog: Choose your fighter: BA or BFA?

Student blogger: MAddie davies

Excerpt: When I started studying drama programs in college about 5 years ago (can’t believe it’s been that long already), I had very limited knowledge of the difference between a BA and a BFA. It has been drilled into my brain by a variety of sources that BFAs are better. I had no reasoning behind it other than hearing it from other people. In reality, BAs and BFAs are just different. Neither is inherently better than the other. It just depends on what you are looking for. However, it still feels like there is a stigma around choosing a bachelor’s degree program over a BFA in the theater community at large.

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Student Blog: Six: The Musical Finally Comes to Broadway!Student Blog: Six: The Musical Finally Comes to Broadway!

Student blogger: Mia Van Deloo

Preview: After a big hit in London, the musical about Henry VIII’s Six Wives takes off in New York City from September 17, 2021. With Broadway returning this fall, I wanted to show a few reasons why Six is ​​a must-see. . see the musical of the season.

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Student blog: Drama, Double Major in JournalismStudent blog: Drama, Double Major in Journalism

Student blogger: Sydni Dichter

Extract: On my first real day of journalism class this year, after the day of the program, my teacher sent us outside with an assignment: Observe your surroundings, jot down ideas for potential stories and come back in 40 minutes , and we’ll talk about what you saw. I realized that I had done a similar exercise for my drama class during my freshman year of college.

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Student Blog: What Makes a Jukebox Musical a? OeWorka ???Student Blog: What Makes a Music Jukebox “Work”?

Student blogger: Emily Brooks

Excerpt: As I watched the inhabitants of Cinderella sing Queen’s “Somebody to Love” to celebrate the changing of the guard, I was forced to think about what makes some jukebox musicals work, while others ( like, maybe, Cinderella), maybe … not quite.

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Student blog: Tony PredictionsStudent blog: Tony Predictions

Student Blogger: Blake Velick

Extract: Need help predicting winners? I attempted to predict about half of these categories (mostly musical theater categories since I couldn’t see the majority of the 2019-20 season plays), and provided a rationale for each category. Of course, all nominees deserve awards, but only one can win in each.

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Student blog: dealing with disappointing gradesStudent blog: dealing with disappointing grades

Student Blogger: Zac Denver Lee

Excerpt: We’re actually not a goal-driven industry where there’s gold, silver, or bronze at the end of the race, or where the value of our work is determined by our grades. I think art is subjective and subjectivity is also reflected in your grades.

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Student Blog: We're finally back to school!  And now?Student Blog: We’re finally back to school! And now?

Student blogger: Aingea Venuto

Extract: My sister, who is in first year, sees university as a whole new concept. It is the first time that she lives alone and she did not adapt right away. To all freshmen and returning students who are trying to get along with it: there is nothing wrong with being scared or homesick!

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Student Blog: The Problem of Recent HistoryStudent Blog: The Problem of Recent History

Student blogger: Sydney Emerson

Excerpt: The stark contrast in perspective between the young performers and those behind the scenes – the professors and technicians who remember 9/11 well – captured my attention. I find it fascinating and meaningful in a layered way that I’m not quite sure I will ever understand.

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