Senate parliamentarian rejects Democrats’ immigration candidacy



With control from both houses of Congress and the White House, Democrats have a narrow window of opportunity to advance their political priorities through reconciliation ahead of the midterm elections.

One option under consideration, according to a person familiar with the discussions, is to bring forward the date of the immigration register, which the government has not updated in decades and which is currently set at 1972. This would allow immigrants who have lived in the United States since a revised date, and who have demonstrated “good character”, to become permanent residents.

“If there was a concern about the package that we put in place, we have additional ways of structuring the relief that we would then be able to present to them. [MacDonough]Representative Zoe Lofgren, the California Democrat in charge of the Judicial Committee’s immigration panel, told reporters earlier this month.

Democrats had argued that proposed immigration provisions, which would have allowed some immigrants to apply for permanent residence after paying a $ 1,500 fee, fell within the parameters of his current reconciliation bill. $ 3.5 trillion due to the potential impact on the US economy.

A study released earlier this year by the Center for American Progress and the University of California, Davis’ Global Migration Center found that enabling dreamers, those on temporary humanitarian protections and essential undocumented workers to become permanent residents would increase US gross domestic product by a cumulative total of $ 1.7 trillion over 10 years and create more than 400,000 new jobs.


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