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Victor Zhora, the deputy head of Ukraine’s State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection, pointed out that his department was planning for a possibility, but that it is being considered at all suggests that Ukrainians want to be ready for anything. Russian threat to seize sensitive government documents.

“We are preparing the ground,” Zhora said. Plan A was to protect the IT infrastructure in Ukraine. Removing it in another country would only be a “plan B or C”.

This decision could only take place after regulatory changes approved by Ukrainian lawmakers, Zhora said.

Government officials have already shipped supplies and reinforcements to safer areas of Ukraine, out of reach of Russian forces, which invaded on February 24 and besieged several towns.

Zhora told Politico last month that there were plans to move critical data out of the capital Kiev in the event of a threat, but preparations for a possible transfer of data overseas go even further.

Ukraine has received offers to host data from various countries, Zhora said, declining to identify them. For reasons of proximity “a European establishment will be preferred”, he specified.

“There are a lot of options,” he said. “All proposals are welcome and worth considering.”

Zhora gave few details on how such a move might be executed, but he said past efforts to keep government data out of Russia’s reach have involved either physically transporting servers and removable storage devices, or the digital migration of data from one service or server to another. .

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