Review: Royal Caribbean Luxury Drink Package for Crown and Anchor Daily Vouchers


This summer, the Crown and Anchor Society of Royal Caribbean updated their aperitif drink benefits policy, which has many people wondering if the new offer is now a good one. alternative to a drink package.

In the past, customers who were Diamond, Diamond Plus, or Pinnacle Club in the cruise line’s guest loyalty program were allowed unlimited drinks from a specific menu in the Diamond Lounge for three and a half hours. every evening.

The new perk includes drinks added daily to your SeaPass card that can be used for any drink (up to $ 13) at any bar (except Starbucks, Bionic Bar and Rising Tide) Bar) at any time. You can also use your vouchers for bottled water and soda.

Vouchers (that’s what I’ll call them for the purposes of this article) must be used every day, they are not carry-over.

  • Diamond members receive four drinks per day.
  • Diamond Plus members receive five drinks per day.
  • Pinnacle Club members receive six drinks per day.

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Try it for the first time

We were on Allure of the Seas three weeks ago and decided to forgo the purchase of the luxury drink package and just use our daily vouchers. We did, however, purchase a coffee card for our morning vanilla lattes at Café Promenade so that we could use the vouchers only on alcoholic drinks.

As soon as we boarded, we had appletinis at the champagne bar. We make ours with vanilla vodka, which was a suggestion from a friend of the bar staff many years ago. This makes the vodka bite less potent.

We always went to the Diamond Lounge for the Cosmos during their happy hour. They always have staff serving drinks and appetizers, but any drink you order is deducted from your per diem.

That evening we had dinner at Sabor. We ordered the Simply Perfect and Jalapeno Cucumber margaritas which were on the drink menu. We ended up using five of our six vouchers that day.

The second day we started with BBC (Bailey’s, banana colada) at the Solarium pool bar. Before dinner we went to the champagne bar for two martinis.

My husband loves the red velvet cake martini. It used to be a standard at the champagne bar but has since been taken off the menu. Our bartender said they had the ingredients and she knew how to prepare them. I ordered my standard favorite, the pomegranate martini.

After dinner we ordered chocolate martinis in the main theater before the headliner show. We ended up using only four vouchers that day.

It was day three and I couldn’t believe I had yet to arrive at Schooner Bar for one of my favorite cocktails, the Lavender Daiquiri, which can only be found here.

I didn’t want to leave the champagne bar because of the excellent bar staff. Not only did they remember the special way I love my appletinis, but they also knew my dad would only drink Jack and Coke. So much so that one night halfway through the navigation, they had written his name on a piece of paper and taped it to the Jack Daniels bottle so everyone would know it was his.

Again our bartender told us she could make the lavender daiquiri there. She also made us a martini version with vodka instead of rum.

Other places to use your free drinks

On the second official evening, we had dinner at Izumi.

We used our coupons on their signature sake infused cocktails, “She’s a Geisha” and “Japanese Strawberry”. In addition to our evening martinis at the Diamond Lounge and champagne bar, we ended our evening with the drink of the day, the Portside Punch at the Trellis Bar. It was a lovely evening to have a drink in Central Park with the guitarist playing soft music.

For lunch on the sixth day, we enjoyed a Sorrento pizza on the promenade with a Michelob Ultra. At the champagne bar that night, I discovered a new favorite, the watermelon martini. Can you say I love fruity vodka martinis?

Coco Cay is included!

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You can even redeem your vouchers on Royal Caribbean’s private Perfect Day Island at CocoCay. There is nothing like a mai tai in paradise.

It’s even better when it’s included in your daily free drinks. We also refreshed ourselves with strawberry daiquiris and an icy mudslide.


We never got to the point where we used up all of our allotted vouchers for the day. The maximum we used was five days.

I know everyone is different, but for us the benefit of the free drinks is perfect and we would not consider purchasing the luxury drink package on future crossings. I think it was a welcome change to the daily happy hour.

It’s so nice to be able to have the flexibility of the time and place of your choice to taste your favorite drink or discover a new one.

While drinks are free as part of your Crown and Anchor benefits, it’s always a good idea to tip bar staff. They took so much care of us that we were happy to return the favor.

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