Repurpose your webinar content for social media

Educational webinars are one of the most effective forms of marketing for generating leads, promoting your business and its employees, and driving conversions for professional services organizations.

But once the webinar is over, your work is far from done. In fact, this is where the greatest opportunities lie.

Smart marketers find creative ways to extend the life of their webinars and use all the valuable content generated from them in order to engage with attendees, those who registered but didn’t able to attend and others who may be interested in the content. who didn’t know.

The solution is to reuse it creatively.

By repurposing your webinar content, you give your audience multiple ways to consume the content while giving you more opportunities to reach prospects.

Here are 10 effective ways to turn your webinars into quality content and extend their lifespan.

First, make sure you have a transcript of your webinar.

This will make your life much easier when creating new content from your webinar.

Then go through your transcript and choose the important topics to focus on as well as the sound clips from the speakers.

You can reuse your webinar content in:

  1. a podcast with the webinar speakers expanding on the topic

  2. blog posts – your webinar can easily be turned into blog copy

  3. a white paper or ebook (expand the topic of the webinar)

  4. video clips on social media (split the full recording into short segments – less than 3 minutes and post them on social media/YouTube

  5. speaker quotes, stats and examples from your webinar are all great inspiration to create charts from

  6. email campaign funnel copy (use video segments and blog posts)

  7. FAQ content – answer participants’ questions in a social media and blog post

  8. A Slideshare presentation (will help improve your SEO)

  9. infographics illustrating key points from the webinar

  10. conference topic – you have the slides and have given it a try, so submit to speak at major conferences in your industry

And here are some ideas for turning your webinar content into blog posts:

  • How to make or list posts: develop a webinar topic in educational posts

  • Summary posts: Summarize the webinar in a post and include links to additional relevant resources

  • Infographic posts: Use the data shared in the webinar to create informational posts.

  • Citation Compilation Publication: Compile the best speaker quotes into a summary

Reusing what you already have is one of the most important tools you have, and webinars are a great way to showcase your professional services marketing expertise. There’s no better time than now to use your existing content to your advantage.

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