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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – New England Patriots quarterback McJones turns the page on Sunday’s game against the visiting Indianapolis Colts, as he returns to play at Gillette Stadium for the first time since home fans chanted for the save Bailey Zappe to replace him in week 7.

Calling it tough love from paying customers might be too nice, but one thing has become clear in recent days in the team locker room: While a vocal segment of fans might prefer Zappe, coaches and the players are united in rallying behind Jones.

That was clear the day after Sunday’s 22-17 win over the New York Jets when Belichick reached out to Jones for a hug, then the two did something similar in the tunnel before boarding the buses to leave the MetLife Stadium.

“I think Mac did a good job,” Belichick said Monday after getting a chance to rewatch the game in which Jones went 24 of 35 for 194 yards, with 1 TD and 1 INT, while adding four rushes. for 25 yards (not including kneeling). -down).

“We had pressure on quite a few passing plays, more than we would like, that’s for sure. I think he made some good decisions and had to shoot the ball a few times and make some key runs for us. … I think he gave us a lot of good games.

Sunday was an important, but imperfect, day for Jones to begin to gain momentum after a difficult start to the season, followed by a three-game absence after suffering a sprained left ankle, then an appearance in three rounds last Monday night in which fans called Zappe.

Belichick cited Jones’ tenacity on Sunday and added, “He handled our team well. That’s a quarterback’s job: to help the team win. That’s what he did.

Jones lived on the edge at times with a few dodgy pitches and ran for his life at other times due to shaky protection against an impressive Jets defensive front. He acknowledged there were times when he could have kicked the ball earlier to avoid a sack (he was dropped six times).

The Patriots only managed one touchdown, to pair with five Nick Folk field goals, with Jones saying, “We did enough to score points, but we want to do better. And we go.”

Jones’ remarks highlight what appears to be a concerted effort to wipe the slate clean from his rocky start to the season when frustrations surfaced at times.

“There are obviously things you can control, and for me it’s just my attitude and my effort, being a good teammate and showing up and trying to lead the guys,” he said.

Teammates see it too.

“He looked ready to go, man. Obviously you know what happened last week [33-14 loss to the Chicago Bears],” recipient Kendrick Bourne said.

Jones said Sunday that members of the offense “did extra things to come together as a team” ahead of the game, which he said needs to continue to happen in order to produce better results.

“I thought the process was there. I’m just super happy to be a part of this and I want to keep growing here,” he said.

Recipient Jakobi Meyers said last week that hearing local fans cheer Zappe was “difficult as a man to see someone who worked so hard getting that kind of treatment”. He had Jones’ back again on Sunday

Now an improved performance on Sunday against the lockout cornerback Stephen Gilmore and the Colts 3-4-1 (1 p.m. ET, CBS), before heading to the Nov. 13 exemption, is the goal.

“I wouldn’t say just Mac. It wasn’t just him trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together,” Meyers said. “We all had to unite, block better, travel the roads better, open up better for him, protect him. Everything does not fall on him. »

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