Over 50% of Australians over 16 are fully vaccinated; Berejiklian’s reopening plans to come “next week” – as it happened | Australia News



In recent days, state premiers have made several comments about their intention to open their borders once 80% of the population is fully immunized. The prime minister says they must stick to the national plan, reports the AAP.


Scott Morrison pressured prime ministers who are reluctant to open borders, once they reach an 80% double-dose vaccination rate, to stick to the national plan.

The premiers of Queensland and Western Australia are reluctant to commit to this reopening goal, even though it was a key part of the national Covid-19 recovery plan agreed by the cabinet national.

“There comes a time when you have to honor the arrangement you made with the Australian people, and that’s when you hit 80% immunization, it’s very clear that you can start to open up.” , Morrison told Seven Network. in an interview while in Washington.

He said that at this point there would still be some common sense checks, such as QR code logins and wearing masks in certain circumstances.

“But, you know, there comes a time when you just have to move on and keep going,” he said.

Deputy Head of Nationals and Member of Parliament for Queensland David Littlefier said the prime minister tried to show leadership by bringing prime ministers and prime ministers together through the national cabinet.

“Then they come out and take different directions. The question has to be why do you change your mind, ”he told Sky New’s Sunday Agenda.

“All the Queenslanders want, all the Australians want is hope and certainty.”

He also had little time for those involved in the violent protests in Melbourne last week.

“This little piece is a scum of society and quite frankly they should be forced into solitary confinement at the will of His Majesty,” Littleproud said. “These people do not deserve to live freely in this society. “

Leader of the opposition Anthony Albanian said he agreed with the national plan, but that some of the restrictions seen now are the result of failures by the Morrison government.

“Scott Morrison should take responsibility for this rather than doing what he always does, which is always looking to blame someone else, always looking for a moment to watch.” , he told reporters in Sydney.

“No one wants restrictions in place one more day than necessary. I certainly don’t. It is very frustrating that this has happened.


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