Nintendo Switch January Sales Live Blog: Switch New Years Bestsellers Live Now



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For more deals on the games if you already have a Switch – or just ordered one, it’s worth taking a look at GameStop right now. It’s $ 10 off Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – now $ 49.99, $ 10 off Super Smash Bros – now $ 44.99, $ 23 off Zelda: Breath of the Wild – now $ 36.99 and $ 24 off Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe – now $ 35.99. It also offers to buy two, get one for free on a range of used games.

In the UK, Game also offers plenty of discounts, but not on the bigger titles. Its offers include £ 10 off Lego Worlds – now £ 24.99 and £ 7 off Who Wants to be a Millionaire – now $ 17.99.

Nintendo Switch Pack

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With less than four hours to 2022 in the UK, how about that for the ultimate New Year package? Solve all those new New Year’s body resolutions with one neat Nintendo Switch set. You get the original Switch console with Ring Fit Adventure and Just Dance 2022 for £ 343.99, a savings of £ 75.99 (although you will actually find Just Dance 2022 discounted at several retailers as we’re only a few hours of 2022 itself).

There are no such packs in the US, but if you already have the Switch and fancy a few dancing steps, you can buy Just Dance 2022 for half the price – now $ 24.99 from Target. and start the new year by reliving the best songs of 2021.

Nintendo Switch Lite Pack

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Perhaps the biggest news from Switch in the US as the New Year approaches is that retailers have the Switch Lite in stock! The smaller, standalone version of the Switch has been nearly impossible to get online lately without paying an inflated price, but you currently have several options, especially at Adorama, which offers several plans. You can get the Nintendo Switch Lite in Blue or Turquoise – With Animal Crossing New Horizons and a 128GB memory card for $ 293.97. The package is also available with Metroid Dread for the same price. Adorama also offers the Switch Lite Dialga & Palkia Metallic Gray Edition with Pokemon Diamond and a 128GB card for £ 359.99.

If you want the console on its own, Amazon has it in Coral for the standard price of £ 199.99, as does Best Buy, while GameStop has the Dialga & Palkia edition.

For a long time, Switch Lite stock was much easier to find in the UK, but not today. None of the UK’s major retailers currently have stock available online, while Amazon only has options with a mark-up of around £ 30 to £ 227.

Nintendo Switch OLED bundle

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We mentioned earlier that we weren’t expecting to find any discounts on the latest Switch, the OLED version with its improved display, a stronger kickstand, and twice the storage capacity. There certainly aren’t a lot of deals to be had, but in the UK Game has bundle discounts. There are several available, all offering the Nintendo Switch OLED + a game for £ 319.19, which means you get the game for under £ 10. Choose from OLED with Rayman Legends, Lego DC Supervillains, Mario and Rabbids Kingdom, or Lego The Incredibles.

Bad luck in the US, where your best shot at getting the OLED Switch right now is at GameStop for the standard price of $ 349.99, or for $ 329.99 used.

The Witcher poster with a swordsman

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January sales are usually a good time to find discounts on Nintendo Switch games, and this year is no exception. One of the best places to grab a bargain is Nintendo’s own online store, in the US and UK.

For example, in the US, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle went from $ 59.99 to just $ 11.99; Blasphemous Switch has been slashed from $ 24.99 to $ 6.24, and the price of Secret Neighbor has dropped from $ 19.99 to $ 4.99.

In the UK, meanwhile, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition has dropped from £ 49.99 to £ 24.99, Mario Golf: Super Rush has been reduced from £ 49.99 to £ 39.99 and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is reduced from £ 39.99 to £ 21.99.

Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure

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The New Year is traditionally a time to turn a new leaf and get back into shape and good health. And here are two great UK packs to help you do just that. Amazon is offering a Nintendo Switch (Neon Red / Neon Blue) + Just Dance 2022 bundle for just £ 263.99, saving you £ 65.99 off the separate purchase price. Alternatively, you can get the Nintendo Switch Neon Red / Neon Blue + Ring Fit Adventure for £ 309, saving £ 60.99 off what would normally cost you £ 369.99 in total.

Nintendo Switch OLED model

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In the United States, stocks of the latest Switch console, the Nintendo Switch OLED, have been scarce than houndstooth lately. And things aren’t going to get any better: A few days ago Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said the component shortage means the OLED could run out of supply in 2022.

So we’re not at all surprised that where stock is available, prices have exceeded the benchmark price of $ 349.99 (note that they are “temporarily sold out” on Nintendo’s official site). For example, the lowest price on Amazon is currently $ 399.99, and that’s for a used model; for the new one, you’re looking at £ 439 and up!

Fortunately, we found a better price than that: GameStop is currently selling stock for the standard price of $ 349.99. Plus, if you’re happy with a used console, at the time of writing you can even get one for $ 329.99, saving you $ 20.

In the UK, on ​​the other hand, there are no big discounts either. But at least there’s stock, and you don’t have to pay too much, with Very being the standard price of £ 309.99 and Amazon cutting it down by 99p, to £ 309.

SD card carried by Nintendo game characters

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If you’re in the US and already own a Nintendo Switch, here’s a great bundle from that can save you a lot of money.

First, you get a SanDisk 128GB MicroSDXC card, worth $ 35, which is optimized for the Switch and allows you to store additional games and data on your device.

Second, you also get a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online membership worth $ 20. This online subscription service includes cool features such as online multiplayer, cloud saving your game data, the ability to chat with other players, access to a library of over 100 games Super NES and NES, as well as other promotions and offers.

In total, those two things would add up to $ 55, but Amazon’s plan only costs $ 40.98, saving you $ 14.02, or 25% of the total. These kinds of deals don’t tend to last long, so don’t hang around if you’re interested.

Nintendo Switch Pack

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If a Switch is at the top of your UK New Year’s Eve sales list, you’re in luck. Right now Very has a great bundle that combines a Nintendo Switch console with three super popular games – Animal Crossing New Horizon, Minecraft, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – all for £ 359.99.

You save around £ 20 by getting them as a bundle, which doesn’t sound like much, but it saves you the trouble of finding and ordering them individually, and also removes the additional shipping costs. Hurry though, this pack is selling out fast!

Welcome to our live blog on Nintendo Switch sales in January. As the New Year approaches, retailers around the world are increasingly bringing more deals to Nintendo’s popular console. After Christmas we saw some really decent trades, however, especially in the US, stock levels were still scarce.

Fortunately, there is a lot more to be said now, however, you should be wary of not paying too much. That’s why we’ll post all the best deals here as they come in, so if it’s Switch you’re looking for, you’re sure to get good value for the money. We’ll also be looking for accessories and games, so if you already own a console, you’ll still find some great deals.

Keep in mind that the standard retail price for the Nintendo Switch is $ 299 / £ 259 and for the Nintendo Switch Lite is $ 220 / £ 199 – £ 239. Anything lower than that and you save money, anything higher and the price has been inflated due to high demand.


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