News blog, September 28: A new Shepparton case under investigation, a close contact: Deputy CHO



It’s again Max Stainkamph in the hot seat for the news blog. Yesterday we also saw the end of the August 20 cluster in Shepparton, with the last persistent cases of this outbreak recovering yesterday. Find yesterday’s blog here.

We had two new cases of coronavirus recorded in Shepparton, with exposure sites listed by GV Health this morning. They’re in our 9:20 am update, and I’ve put together a list of them that you can find here.

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UPDATE, 11:45 am: Martin Foley speaking from Melbourne, 80% to strike tonight

Health Minister Martin Foley and Deputy Health Secretary Kate Mateson speak in Melbourne.

Ms Mateson confirmed that two people tested positive in Shepparton, one was in close contact with a positive case and the other was under investigation. These were two of 28 cases in the Victoria area, including 12 in the Latrobe Valley that worried authorities.

Five new cases have been recorded at Mitchell Shire, including one under investigation.

There are still a large number of cases in the northern suburbs, with over 200 in Hume and 125 in Whittlesea, while the growth in the south-eastern and eastern suburbs

Mr Foley said the state will reach 80% of the first dose tomorrow, which means some restrictions will be relaxed, and announced a home quarantine trial that will involve sending selfies of themselves to the department to confirm they were home.

I’ll take a list of those changes this afternoon when things calm down. (Could things stop happening this morning please and thank you)

Mr Foley also addressed an issue where 149 cases were not reported yesterday, and he said an update to third-party software meant positive cases were not sent to ministry headquarters of Health, but had been sent to people who had tested positive.

He said there had been no impact on pathology labs or on people waiting for test results. Four people died overnight.

Also, in Canberra, home test kits were approved from November 1, which have been in use overseas for months, and what companies have been asking for for some time. I will get more information when this press conference is over.

UPDATE, 10:50 a.m .: List of exhibition sites established, NSW cases announced

I have compiled a quick list of exhibition sites for easy tracking. It’s at the top of this rolling cover, pinned to the homepage and here. When I have a little more time and things stop happening all the time, I’ll clean it up a bit, and see if we can make it look as good as the last one.

Meanwhile, NSW has announced 863 new cases of the coronavirus, which means that for the first time this outbreak, Victoria has had more new cases than our neighbor to the north.

Sadly, seven people have died in New South Wales.

UPDATE, 10:10 a.m .: Tests available at Shepparton as listed exhibition sites

Coronavirus testing facilities are opened in Shepparton after the list of more exhibition sites.

Tests are available at the Graham Street walk-in clinic until 4 p.m. this afternoon, while the Shepparton Showgrounds drive-thru site is open until 4:45 p.m.

We will let you know if the test sites will be open longer this afternoon.

For reference I had a test at 8:15 am yesterday and got the results (all clear!)

UPDATE, 9:50 a.m .: Victorian numbers clarified, Queensland announces four new cases of coronavirus

I missed it in the show sites advertised along with the Vic numbers just before, but 149 more cases were added to Victoria’s total yesterday after an apparent error with third-party software.

This means that yesterday’s caseload was actually 854, not 705. Today’s number of new cases is 867.

In Queensland, four people have tested positive for the coronavirus, including a truck driver who has been contagious in the community for a week. The NRL Grand Final is due to take place in Brisbane this weekend.

UPDATE, 9:20 a.m .: Exhibition sites listed by GV Health, Victorian figures released

GV Health has listed the exhibition sites in Shepparton, with seven sites that will be added to the Department of Health’s website at some point today.

These exhibition sites are:

  • Shepparton Marketplace 110 Benalla Road, Shepparton September 22, 23 and 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. plus September 25 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Level 3 site.
  • Male staff washrooms Shepparton Marketplace 110 Benalla Road, Shepparton, September 22, 23 and 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., plus September 25 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for all persons male staff washrooms used Level 2
  • Revolver Burger Company 110 Benalla Road, Shepparton September 22, 23 and 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. plus September 25 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. All staff are level 1 and all customers are level 2
  • Ryan’s Fruit and Veg, 298 High Street, Shepparton September 23 from 3:39 p.m. to 4:25 p.m. everyone at the level 2 site
  • Big W 110 Benalla Road, Shepparton, September 24, 4:15 – 5:05 p.m., all at the level 2 site
  • Chemical Warehouse 425 Wyndham Street Shepparton, September 24 from 4:37 p.m. to 5:25 p.m. All people on site Level 2
  • Overlander Hotel 97 Benalla Road Shepparton, September 25 from 4:00 p.m. to 4:10 p.m. Bistro area staff only Level 2

Shepparton Marketplace is a Level 3 site, which means people should watch for symptoms and get tested as soon as you have symptoms. You don’t need to isolate yourself unless you take a test.

Additionally, Victoria’s numbers fell for the day, with 867 new coronavirus cases recorded statewide. As said before, two of them will be in Shepparton.

Tragically, four people have lost their lives in Victoria and there are now over 9,000 active cases in the state.

Over 35,000 doses of vaccine have been administered.

UPDATE, 9:10 a.m .: Two new cases of coronavirus in Shepparton, according to GV Health

GV Health chief executive Matt Sharp appeared on ABC Goulburn Murray a few minutes ago and said two more cases of Shepparton would be announced in today’s figures.

He also said the exhibition sites will be listed shortly.

There are now seven active cases of the coronavirus in Shepparton.

Mr Sharp said he expected more cases to appear in Shepparton because of how quickly the Delta variant moves, and urged people to get tested at the first sign of symptoms, and has said he expected increased demand for testing services when these exhibition sites were listed.

UPDATE, 9:05 a.m .: NSW Premier supports reopening plan

NSW Gladys Berejiklian also appeared at the ABC News breakfast to talk about the NSW roadmap, which was unveiled yesterday.

The state is expected to emerge from solitary confinement on Oct. 11 with severely relaxed restrictions, but Ms Berejiklian said the state was expected to hope.

“I have no doubts that we will be one of the most fully vaccinated jurisdictions in the world when we open,” she said.

She defended giving unvaccinated people a deadline to return to the economy, with December 1 being the date they can return to everyone. Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews did not provide Victoria with a date for the same yesterday.

Ms Berejiklian also said she was exploring the resumption of international travel in the coming months.

“If you are fully vaccinated with a vaccine considered to be effective and safe, you can quarantine at home,” she said.

“I think the hotel’s quarantine has passed its expiration date.”

We do not yet have the Victorian figures, but we are waiting for them at any time.

UPDATE, 8:30 a.m .: No new exposure site, Condition hits 80% of first dose

The Department of Health has yet to add additional exposure sites in Shepparton linked to the city’s five cases.

Only three exhibition sites, announced this weekend, were listed and no new cases were added yesterday.

However, GV Health chief executive Matt Sharp said the health team was working hard to locate the exhibition sites.

Today is also the day Victoria hits the first dose at 80%, which means there is a slight easing of restrictions starting at midnight tonight.

Victorian-era Prime Minister Daniel Andrews is on ABC News Breakfast this morning, saying more restrictions will be relaxed as more people are vaccinated.

He also said the state was fortunate to learn from New South Wales, which is a few weeks ahead of us in the vaccination race, and could advance some of the easing of restrictions if our neighbors to the north do better with more flexible restrictions.

However, he did not apologize for the slow reopening.

“This is a very precious thing, our health system, and we have to be careful to manage these extra patients. I am not going to give our nurses a fight that they cannot win. It will be very difficult for them in the weeks and months to come, ”he said.

Moreover, overnight, Queensland recorded a mysterious new case of the coronavirus. We don’t have much information on the case at the moment, which is obviously causing a lot of concern on the part of the Queensland government.


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