New WordPress plugin lets websites automatically create call-to-action buttons on blog posts

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An SEO agency has released a new client-exclusive WordPress plugin that automatically creates call-to-action buttons at the bottom of blog posts.

Dallas, TX- Dallas-based SEO agency Joe Youngblood SEO and Digital Marketing Consulting has become well known for offering high quality WordPress SEO services and creating custom plugins for their clients and the WordPress community. Now, the agency is bringing something new to its clients: automated call-to-action buttons for blog content.

One of the biggest complaints the agency receives from clients regarding the blog content on their website is that it doesn’t help convert new clients directly. Often a website visitor entering via organic search or social media to a blog post is not considered a potential customer, and after reading the blog post, they leave the site to continue their journey – eventually converting elsewhere. This has been a known problem in SEO and digital marketing for a long time. In the past, most efforts to capture some of these visitors into leads or customers have involved annoying pop-ups asking for things like joining an email newsletter or using high-pressure tactics to pressure them into a purchase. . This new plugin hopes to solve the small business problem while providing a non-intrusive experience for website visitors.

The new plugin is called WP Action Buttons. Website owners or marketers can install it and quickly start adding call-to-action buttons to the bottom of their blog posts. The current version of the plugin offers a wide variety of ways to customize buttons to help website owners design their buttons to match the rest of their site. This includes predefined styles, CSS customization, and 3 different ways to trigger buttons.

Here are all the current features:

• 11 different predefined styles with corresponding button animations.

• Change button color, font color, gradient color and shadow color.

• Edit the button’s call-to-action text.

• Trigger one button per category the blog post is in.

• Trigger a button indicating who the author of the message was.

• Trigger a button based on the geographical region in which the visitor is located.

This plugin is currently an exclusive plugin for clients who have engaged the agency for SEO and marketing services. It will remain exclusive for a short time, then a free version will open to the public later this year or early 2023.

“Automatically and effortlessly creating non-intrusive call-to-action buttons when new content is posted on their blogs is a huge win for our clients. Driving more sales and leads than traditional blogging alone without the compromise of giving their users a bad experience.” – Joe Youngblood, Founder of Joe Youngblood SEO & Digital Marketing Consulting

This is the second client-exclusive WordPress plugin released by the agency this year with at least 4 more in some current level of development.

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