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Just hours before the biggest rebellion in his post as prime minister, one of Boris Johnson’s main allies was asked about the possibility of a challenge for the post of prime minister. “It’s a very difficult thing to do, as you might remember from the previous incumbent,” said Jacob Rees-Mogg, speaking on his Moggcast podcast on ConservativeHome.

It is indeed difficult to get more than 50 current Conservative MPs to submit letters of no confidence to their leader and Prime Minister. But as in the case of Theresa May, ousted by Rees-Mogg and her allies, it’s not insurmountable.

Anti-Johnson sentiment on the benches is high in part because of his botched handling of sordid scandals and the fury over the foreclosure parties in Downing Street. However, an equally important reason for discontent is the right-wing, libertarian MPs unhappy with the ideological basis of the Covid restrictions.

Rees-Mogg remains very loyal to the Prime Minister but at the same time made no attempt in his podcast to deny the existence of a mutinous mood in the Tory ranks in Parliament.

The Prime Minister personally pleaded with the 1922 Conservative MPs committee to back their Plan B measures ahead of Tuesday night’s vote. But nearly 100 Tory MPs directly challenged his authority, voting against Covid passports for entry into nightclubs and other large venues.

This means that nearly a third of all Tory MPs and most backbenchers have now warned the PM that they are extremely unhappy with the idea of ​​further restrictions.

Since Brexit, the Conservative Party has rejected its more moderate and center-right voices. As a direct result, the main tension of opinion within the Tories is now inherently more lockdown skeptic, freedom-loving and anti-mask than David Cameron’s party might have been.

If Johnson is to go for tougher Plan C measures in the face of a rising Omicron tide, he will now find himself in the same position as May on Brexit – attempting to rely on Labor votes in the face of a revolt on the right.

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96 conservatives voted against PM on Covid passes, with two conservatives as scrutineers, list of divisions shows

In fact, 96 Tory MPs voted against the government on Covid passes, plus two Tory MPs acting as scrutineers, according to the split list on the Commons website. There were also 10 Liberal Democrats, eight Labor MPs, six DUP MPs, two independent MPs and one Green MP voting against. The list is here.

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