Live COVID updates: Victoria records highest number of coronavirus cases in single day



Figures indicate “real escalation” of the Victorian epidemic

Casey Briggs is back, talking about those numbers to Victoria.

ABC News

There are now 10,407 cases associated with this current wave.

There were 19,958 cases in the second wave last year and there are over 50,000 cases associated with the NSW outbreak.

Briggs said the Victorian curve had shown signs of slowing down, so today it is a “real escalation”.

Briggs tries to say that a day doesn’t show a trend.

He also said it might just be associated with an area of ​​Melbourne and we won’t know until details are released at the Victoria press conference later.

ABC News

Briggs said yesterday that Hume is the real epicenter of Melbourne’s numbers and remains a real concern as one of the least vaccinated LGAs in Melbourne, despite being one of the most vaccinated metropolitan areas in Melbourne for the moment.

ABC News

“We’ve seen some big one-day climbs before as this mountain kept climbing,” Briggs said.

“Where is it going to go from here? We need more time to find out and some of the key questions about the exact location of these cases and their nature will tell us more and we will have that more. late in the morning. “


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