Last Russian-Ukrainian war: Kiev TV tower hit, killing five, as Moscow threatens ‘high-precision strikes’ – live | world news

The piercing cries of children mingled with the barking of traumatized dogs and the cries of soldiers desperately trying to maintain order, as the 14.07 towards Ivano-Frankivsk arrived at Kiev’s central station.

There was a crowd of thousands on the first platformrushing towards the blue cars and desperate for a prized seat on a drive west out of the Ukrainian capital. Most people couldn’t board.

“Look at those faces around us, they’re exactly the same as in the WWII photographs, and it’s just five days. Can you imagine what will happen in a month? asked Tanya Novgorodskaya, 48, an art historian who arrived at the station on Tuesday afternoon with her 15-year-old daughter.

She had bought tickets for six different trains, but quickly realized that they didn’t count for anything. Instead, there was an onboarding algorithm: first mothers with children, then women, then the elderly. Others were kept away by police and soldiers standing guard.

Quickly, the train is full to bursting. Families had to make split-second decisions as mothers and children were allowed on board, but grandparents were told to wait behind.

It was the sixth day of Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, and now fear had taken over. For the first few days, there was a feeling of shock and disbelief. Then came pride and inspiration in the surprisingly resilient Ukrainian response and the unity of Ukrainian society.

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