Kyle Farmer’s estimated referee salary is high, maybe even too high

MLB Trade Rumors regularly publishes a projection of what each arbitration-eligible player’s salary is likely to be over the coming season. The Cincinnati Reds have 11 players in officiating this offseason.

Among them is last year’s team MVP, Kyle Farmer. The Reds infielder led Cincinnati in several significant categories and was a leader on the field and at the clubhouse.

But is Kyle Farmer’s estimated umpire number too high for what he actually delivers on the court? MLB Trade Rumors projects Farmer to gross $5.9 million in 2023.

First, let’s dismiss the idea that the Cincinnati Reds can’t afford the services of Kyle Farmer in 2023. The Reds only have two guaranteed contracts (Joey Votto and Mike Moustakas) on their books next season, so Cincinnati can more than afford to pay Farmer $5.9 million.

The Reds signed Donovan Solano to a one-year/$4.5 million deal last spring and the veteran posted a .284/.339/.385 slant line with an OPS+ of 97. Last season, Farmer had reached 0.255 / 0.315 /. 386 with an OPS+ of 90.

The question is whether or not the Reds could pay the nearly $6 million for Farmer’s services in 2023, but whether they should. Next year’s Reds squad will be full of young players (Spencer Steer, Jose Barrero, Alejo Lopez, etc.) who need playing time to develop.

While it’s hard to see Kyle Farmer not soft from the Cincinnati Reds due to his popularity with the fan base, one also has to wonder if signing the veteran for $6 million is a wise move.

Perhaps the best move the Reds could make would be to offer Farmer a mutually beneficial two-year contract extension for him and the ball club. Having a reliable veteran infielder with Farmer’s positional versatility is highly valuable to most teams, but that estimated $6 million salary might be too much for the Reds’ blood.

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