Jerry Jones can’t stop creating unnecessary attention around the Cowboys

Speaking to members of the local media on Thursday, Jerry Jones discussed the upcoming game for his Dallas Cowboys, a road contest against the New York Giants which will take place Monday night football.

Chances are this is one of the highest rated MNF games in recent memory because, well, Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys are America’s team and they sell, sell, sell all the time, no matter what.

Jerry was in sales mode again on Thursday afternoon, except the product he was offering was controversial. Don’t take the cheese.

Jerry Jones’ comments on Cooper Rush are nothing more than telling him he hopes Cooper plays well

What are we talking about exactly? As Jerry met the media on Thursday he talked about various Cowboys related things and right now the team is in an interesting position with Cooper Rush playing quarterback while Dak Prescott is recovering from a broken heart. inch.

Jerry noted that he would like Rush to play well enough to generate quarterback controversy in Dallas. Those words are obviously sensitive when it comes to National Football League teams and saying them out loud only invites buzzards.

In the clip, you can hear Jerry say that it would be something for Cooper Rush to play well enough to start a quarterback controversy for the Dallas Cowboys. He goes so far as to say he would walk to New York to make it happen.

The spirit of this point is more than fair. Jerry finally says he wants his team’s quarterback to play great. The problem is that he knows very well that the comment will cause controversy. Consider that during last week’s MNF show, HOFer Steve Young said openly that Dak Prescott could bear to learn a thing or two from Cooper Rush. With all due respect to Cooper Rush, this is nonsense.

Yet here comes the team’s owner, president and general manager to power the machine in exactly the same way. Headlines will be swirling by Monday night noting that Jerry Jones wants there to be a quarterback controversy with his team despite everyone in the locker room knowing how stupid a claim is.

It would have been very easy for Jerry to say something that praised Rush, offered hope for his performance and extended support for Dak Prescott as he continued his recovery to prepare to play for the Cowboys.

“Wouldn’t it be something if Cooper played well again? We still want to have as many talented players as possible and so having another high caliber quarterback behind Dak Prescott would give us plenty of depth to help us feel comfortable for the rest of the season. It’s a contact sport, which means injuries happen and it’s nice to know that Cooper provides tremendous insurance to our franchise quarterback.

But that wouldn’t have garnered the attention that Jerry is looking to garner with this line.

Welcome to the Dallas Cowboys. We’ll see you Monday night.

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