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The Purdue Online Writing Lab (great research for writers, teachers, and anyone else concerned with using language correctly and effectively) offers a one-page dissertation on Critical Race Theory that includes this definition. notable of the fundamental concepts of intersectionality and anti-essentialism:

Intersectionality and anti-essentialism: These terms refer to the idea that one aspect of an individual’s identity does not necessarily determine other categories of belonging. As Delgado and Stefancic explain, “Everyone has potentially conflicting and overlapping identities, loyalties and allegiances” (CRT: an introduction ten). In other words, we cannot predict an individual’s identity, beliefs or values ​​based on categories such as race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, etc. instead, we need to recognize that individuals are able to claim membership in a variety of different (and often seemingly contradictory) categories and belief systems, regardless of the identities outsiders attempt to impose on them. [Purdue OWL, “Critical Race Theory (19970s-present),” retrieved 2021.06.29].

No wonder Republicans in South Dakota want to ban this theory: it advocates a complicated understanding of humanity, and Republicans hate complications.


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