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PLOS has posted a lot of blog content over the past three months, and we don’t expect our readers to be up to date. So we’re launching a new blogging series called “In Case You Missed It (ICYMI),” a collection of some of the best readings or key announcements from the previous quarter. In this addition we celebrate PLOS ONE 15th anniversary and we’re highlighting our top 5 tweets and press articles of 2021. Happy reading!

From the official PLOS blog:

Respect our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

PLOS Global Public Health publishes its first articles

What difference does a repository make

PLOS announces new publishing agreements

From Speaking of Medicine and Health:

A new and expanded scope for neglected tropical diseases of the PLOS

Five demands for the global health sector

Support the right to abortion

From everyone:

Fifteen years of PLOS ONE

Fifteen years of PLOS ONE-Author Perspectives

Looking to the future: the next 15 years of PLOS ONE

From Latitude:

A turning point for planetary health

Co-producing climate information for Africa

Sustainable and climate-resilient health systems

Best press articles:

1. Incidence, co-occurrence and evolution of the characteristics of COVID-19: a 6-month retrospective cohort study of 273,618 survivors of COVID-19

Posted in PLOS Medicine, September 2021

DOI 10.1371 / journal.pmed.1003773


2. Click-based human echolocation: effects of blindness and age, and real implications in a 10 week training program

Posted in PLOS ONE, June 2021

DOI 10.1371 / journal.pone.0252330


3. Meet the first cases of COVID-19

Posted in PLOS Pathogens, June 2021

DOI 10.1371 / journal.ppat.1009620


4. Social foraging in vampire bats is predicted by long-term cooperative relationships

Posted in PLOS Biology, September 2021

DOI 10.1371 / journal.pbio.3001366


5. Supplementation with red algae (Asparagopsis taxiformis) reduces enteric methane by more than 80 percent in steers.

Posted in PLOS ONE, March 2021

DOI 10.1371 / journal.pone.0247820


Top 5 tweets:

  1. We are extremely happy to announce the imminent launch of 5 new journals, our first new launches in 14 years! These new journals are unified to meet global challenges in health and environment through forums anchored in the integral values ​​of #OpenScience. https: //plos.io/3dWwfO0
  2. Happy to announce that the Yale University Library (@YaleLibrary) has signed two agreements that will allow @Yale– Affiliate authors can publish in any PLOS journal without paying the article processing fee. #OpenAccess #OpenScience https: //plos.io/3dEzTfn
  3. We are excited to announce that the new PLOS journals are now OPEN for submissions! ➡️Find out more: http: //plos.io/NowOpen 👋Follow our new reviews for more updates: @PLOSClimate @PLODigiHealth @PLOSGPH @PLOSSustain @PLOSWater
  4. Sexual attractiveness factors vary between males and females and across ages, according to Stephen Whyte of @QUT and colleagues. ?? @PLOSONE paper: https: //plos.io/3uatBsF ?? @Guardian item: https: //plos.io/3bL1xFP
  5. We are launching a new policy in PLOS journals to improve transparency in reporting on research conducted in other countries or communities, aimed at mitigating a practice called #ParachuteResearch. Learn more about this new policy: https: //plos.io/3kKOsS0


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