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In recent years, law firms have revamped their digital marketing efforts, with most having at least one website. 87 percent of law firms in a 2020 survey by the American Bar Association (ABA) had a functioning website in place, with a third of their total customers coming from here.

While a small percentage of the surge is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most lawyers are now more aware than ever of how a website can make the right kind of change to their firm.

A website is at the heart of digital marketing and, if done right, it can present your law firm to potential clients in a professional manner. Beyond that, it will provide an ideal platform to support other marketing campaigns for your practice such as social media.

Here are five ways your law firm can benefit from a website.

A website builds trust and credibility

When you recommend a lawyer to a friend, the first thing they’ll ask you is a link to their website. Why is it?

Customers like to know about the business before they engage in anything through an inquiry call. One of the places they will look is your law firm’s website.

The fact that you have a functional site increases your credibility. And if your design offers a great user experience, easy navigation, and the content is valuable, potential clients will be ready to trust your legal services.

An opportunity to show potential customers how you can help

A website is the most ideal and professional way to present your law firm to an online audience. Other digital media such as social media and directory listings can tell about your practice, but not as much as a website.

This is what makes it the best place to present your services to potential clients.

In addition to including your areas of practice, information such as the vision, mission and values ​​to which your firm conforms can also attract new clients to it.

You can find out more about your audience

When you have a law firm website, you can use Google analytics or any other third-party software to learn more about your audience.

Here you will find important information about your website visitors such as age, location, gender, type of device used, etc. You’ll also see your top performing and worst performing content, which services get the most clicks, and key points where visitors drop out.

With this, you can further refine your website and even other marketing strategies so that they convert more visitors.

A website can support other marketing campaigns

If you are looking to grow your law firm’s online marketing, a website will be an essential part in achieving your KPI (key performance indicators).

Other digital marketing tactics like SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) all link to a website, where conversion is expected.

Likewise, a website can support your social marketing by increasing engagement and number of clicks. By sharing your website’s weekly content, you can also make your law firm a thought leader, which builds credibility and trust with potential clients.

Educate your audience on common legal issues

A website is also an opportunity to educate your audience on the legal issues they commonly encounter.

Writing content for law firm websites doesn’t necessarily have to include static copy like your services and values ​​only. Instead, identify the questions your potential customers are asking and answer them through videos and blog posts on your site.

You can look in places like social media comments and customer service lines to make sure your content is valuable to your audience.

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