How to ‘uninstall’ like a digital nomad


Traditions on the road

Wherever they travel during the holidays, they bring their traditions with them, like watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, eating seafood on Christmas Eve, and decorating their Christmas tree with tickets.

“We made ornaments out of all of our plane tickets and train tickets and hung them on the tree, which was cool! Chelsea said. “We spent Christmas in Prague, New Years in Seville, Spain, and Thanksgiving in Croatia. But we love to come home for the holidays, so that’s what we’re doing this year. We will go back and see all of our family on the east coast.

What’s next for Unsettle Down?

Part of what will follow for Unsettle Down may include some stabilization.

“Traveling is something we’ll always do, but we think we have a home base,” Matt says.

“We know we can’t be on the road all the time forever, so we’re trying to figure that out,” Chelsea added.

They plan to go into entrepreneurship and focus on their joint marketing and web development projects. And rooting somewhere with a home that could provide them with a base and rental income while they travel.

“There’s a balance,” Matt says. “We want to find that happy medium where we have a back-up plan. But no, there won’t be any real stabilization for this crew for a very long time. There are too many of this world to see.

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