How this herbal duo is building their profitable business



When considering starting a new business, is a digitally based business the best way to go? How can you monetize a digital-based business and what do you need to know? Alex Caspero and Whitney English, co-founders of Plant-Based Juniors, have become experts in the field with their joint venture.

The two were already business owners before they met, and as dietitians and mothers of young children, they noticed a void in the market for parents who wanted to offer more plant-based foods to their children. There just wasn’t enough information.

Recognizing the need of the market, they joined forces to create their Plant-Based Juniors brand.

Quickly monetizing the new business was a priority for them, and they knew they couldn’t just rely on the traditional time it takes to blog, create attraction, and build an audience. They had to be creative in the online space and offer multiple avenues for success.

Additionally, the duo recently released their latest book, The Plant-Based Baby & Toddler, to help parents optimize their children’s nutrition right from the start.

The PBJ duo share their point of view on their journey of starting a business in the digital world:

1. Create a blog

Contrary to myths, blogging is not dead. But what you need to set yourself apart from the rest is a niche market where you deliver specific value to your readers. Because there wasn’t a lot of information on plant-based diets for young children, the PBJ community is a resource parents can visit to learn more and get science resources.

2. Create digital products

The duo created digital products to sell to their readers, such as cookbooks to monetize the early stage business. These digital products were a low-cost introduction to the value that ladies offer their readers.

3. Build a community

While you are building your business, you should also build the community for that specific business. Having a Facebook group where readers can mingle and talk about their struggles in introducing a plant-based diet to their little ones and get support is a fantastic way to increase consumer loyalty. Then when you have products to sell, you probably already have the buy-in and trust of your community.

4. Get a book offer

The ladies landed their book deal because there was a need in the market and they had already established an audience. Publishers aren’t just looking for a good book to sell, they want authors who are willing to do the job of selling that book. Having a larger audience to sell to is an important part of securing a book deal.

5. Reinvest in your business

It can be tempting to spend the profits you’ve worked so hard for, but especially in the first few years in business, you need to reinvest those profits back into the business to achieve growth. Remember, you are reinvesting for more growth.

The bottom line is starting a business is hard work, and every business owner will have their own unique journey. These are tips to follow if you are starting a new business, but not mandatory. You will have your own trip and it will be just as rewarding.


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