Gmail launches new Gmail layout with built-in commands for Chat, Meet

Earlier this year, Google released a new layout for Gmail, the email service. The layout has been designed to allow easy navigation between applications such as Gmail, Chat and Meet in a single interface. Starting June 28, 2022, Google rolled out the new layout to select app users.

Going forward, Gmail users will start seeing the new layout while using the app. However, they will still have the option to switch back to the old Gmail view through the settings menu. It is important to mention that users who only have Gmail will see a Gmail-only layout. Those who use Gmail, Meet and Chat can specify which apps they want to include in the view by customizing them through the quick settings option.

Google unifies Chat and Meet controls on Gmail

In its official blog post, Google says the new layout contains an updated navigation menu that lets users switch between their inbox, important conversations, and join meetings without needing to create a new window. Notification bubbles will make it easier for users to approach conversations immediately, and overall users will have a complete view of chat and spaces on a single screen.

In the official version, Google mentions that users will notice that the new navigation now includes the Material You design, the new updated color scheme that gives a new look to Google apps. To activate the new view, users must open Gmail and tap “Settings” in the upper right corner of the screen. There, locate “Quick Settings” and select “Try the new Gmail view”. Once the new window opens, click “Reload”.

Apart from this, users also get a new chat experience as they can access individual or group messages from the Chat tab. When users receive a new chat or message, the notification appears in the lower left corner in a bubble. As Google rolls out the new Gmail layout, it will be interesting to see how users react to it – whether they like the new layout or prefer using the old one. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Gmail and other tech news.

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