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Woman’s frustration after losing £ 1,000 to fuel crisis

Lucille Whiting, 39, from Kedington, Suffolk, said she missed a hospital appointment on Saturday and was unable to take her five children to school last week because she did not could not get diesel.

She said: “I had a scan booked at my local hospital on Saturday, but it would have been 34 miles – I couldn’t get there and get the kids to school this week. I also had to cancel appointments. “You work. I am self-employed and I visit clients on an ad hoc basis. This is going to be extremely problematic in the coming weeks.”

Ms Whiting, who is a silversmith at Sophia Alexander Jewelery – specializing in making commemorative jewelry, explained that her job requires her to “take fingerprints of people who are in the last stages of their condition or to visit them. funeral directors to see the people who have passed “.

She added: “[I’ve cancelled four work appointments] last week, but I’m making some really expensive parts so it’s potentially over £ 1000 already.

“Unfortunately, I have been intermittently ill with Covid-related symptoms since April 2020 and one of my sons had problems with heart pain and breathing for a little over a year. He annihilated the best part of 18 months and I’m finally getting back on my feet at work, so it’s frustrating. “

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