England vs New Zealand LIVE: Headingley Third Test Cricket Score Updates – England Chase Engine 296

Kane Williamson presents the third England v New Zealand Test

England and New Zealand staged another grandstand finish for a test match after a rocky third day that left New Zealand 137 runs ahead with five wickets in hand overnight.

The series was compelling throughout the evolution of momentum between two attacking teams, and this Headingley test followed the pattern of games at Lord’s and Trent Bridge, with the two teams taking turns to take charge. New Zealand looked in control on Saturday as Kane Williamson approached a measured half century, before Matthew Potts, Joe Root and Jack Leach took a wicket apiece in the evening session to put the hosts in charge.

If England can chase New Zealand’s aggregate in the fourth inning, they will complete a 3-0 shutout run, capping the perfect start for the new regime of captain Ben Stokes and head coach Brendon McCullum.

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STRAIN! England 183-2 (Pope 81*, Root 55*) Target 296 – 113 more to win

Another fascinating day of Test cricket. New Zealand dominated the first session, the second was probably split as England brushed aside the Black Caps but they got a few more points but the third and final session was all English. This gives them full control of this game.

113 runs up for grabs tomorrow, eight wickets in hand and Ollie Pope and Joe Root well placed. Serial sweeping is at your fingertips.

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Luke BakerJune 26, 2022 6:53 p.m.


50 MORE! England 183-2 (Pope 81*, Racine 55*) Target 296

The run rate was over 4.5 in this evening session – England kept their voices up.

Bracewell throws the first couple before he misses and Root can spin him through the leg slide zone where he runs away for FOUR ! This is 50 MORE for Root. Another of the best rounds from him.

Root didn’t finish there as Bracewell is short again and Root pulls him away for FOUR After! Bracewell loses some time and circles the counter to make sure it’s the last one. Root sweep for one and off the final ball, Pope throws another single

Ten of the final over and a brilliant session for England.

Luke BakerJune 26, 2022 6:51 p.m.


England 173-2 (Pope 80*, Racine 46*) Target 296

There are probably two more overs left today, with play set to end at 6:49 p.m.

Wagner circles the wicket as the ball gets a little old (37 overs now). He strays too close to the leg and Pope picks up a single but then beats Root’s outside edge.

The former skipper responds with a midwicket shot for one. Last end of the day ahead

Luke BakerJune 26, 2022 6:43 p.m.


England 171-2 (Pope 79*, Racine 45*) Target 296

Bracewell rounds the wicket with a leg slip and a short leg. New Zealand have to do something to mix things up because this game is slipping away from them.

Single on the first two balls before Root attempted a reverse outside leg sweep, he beat the bat, passed goaltender Blundell, slipped Mitchell and ran away for FOUR bye. Root really has the reverse sweep at heart as he pulls out another for a single. Pope then throws a final ball single for 8 over.

Luke BakerJune 26, 2022 6:42 p.m.


100 MORE! England 163-2 (Pope 77*, Racine 43*) Target 296

Livin’ on a Prayer played and sung by the West Terrace as England are indeed now ‘halfway there’. They need 147 more to win from here. The Pulp Fiction-esque ball case is back as New Zealand calls for another ball change. Wagner continues with the “new” ball.

Pope kicks the ball through the back square leg to FOUR and it is the century that separates them. 100 MORE! Great stuff.

Pope tries to drive the next ball but an outside edge again sends him flying through a gap to the fence to FOUR After! Now three on the rotation as Pope hits one on the ground with his face full of the bat for FOUR ! Best of the lot. Two more of the final ball went through the leg and that’s 14 from the most – England steal.

Luke BakerJune 26, 2022 6:38 p.m.


England 149-2 (Pope 63*, Racine 43*) Target 296

Bracewell continues. He went for 49 carries from 8 overs, although he induced a few edges and brought Zak Crawley out.

Pope calmly heads the ball for a single before Root sweeps hard and he passes straight through Daryl Mitchell on the slide before heading away to the boundary for FOUR ! Not much Mitchell could do about it really.

Single in the offside for Root before Pope “rooted” and reverse sweeps. To the defender from deep and a comfortable single for seven from the top.

Luke BakerJune 26, 2022 6:31 p.m.


VIDEO: Ollie Pope reaches his half-century

Here’s how Ollie Pope raised his 50. It was a good run from England’s No.3 and he’s still going strong.

Luke BakerJune 26, 2022 6:27 p.m.


England 142-2 (Pope 61*, Racine 38*) Target 296

Southee ties Pope for the first half of the over, but then he presses one through the point area which goes away, but Devon Conway’s brilliant lineout prevents the border, so only three points.

Root plays the last two balls, so it’s just those three points.

Luke BakerJune 26, 2022 6:26 p.m.


England 139-2 (Pope 58*, Racine 38*) Target 296

Prepare to resume the attack. If New Zealand wants to win this game, they need their spinner to deliver. He struggled with length earlier in this session, so let’s see if he can find his range now.

Decent first ball, upright and Root backs up before stinging it to the side of the leg for one. It’s slightly short, and Pope plays a cut on the covers for a single. Then two more for Root as he sweeps outward.

Luke BakerJune 26, 2022 6:22 p.m.


England 135-2 (Pope 57*, Racine 35*) Target 296

With the execution rate hovering around 4.33 – this will do England very well as they approach halfway to their target.

Southee gets kicked off pads for one by Root but forces Pope to play and misses trying to drive off the stump. Just the one who runs away

Luke BakerJune 26, 2022 6:18 p.m.

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