Effectively Wild Episode 1924: Hot Tip

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley joke about the percentage of MLB fans who pay close attention to the World Series, discuss the White Sox filling MLB’s latest vacancy by hiring Pedro Grifol (with Charlie Montoyo as bench coach), then reflect on a few aspects of Game 3 of the World Series, including Dusty Baker’s decision-making, Nick Castellanos’ surprising defensive playoff success, a stunning uproar, and more. After that (47:32), they reflect on a Atlantic article on the impact of “Moneyballism” on baseball and American culture, note record fastball average speed and strikeout rate this postseason, Stat Blast (1:09:55) on how whose referee accuracy affects offense (and what that might mean for a robo-future ump-infused), and ends with a 1924 Past Blast (1:24:35), plus a postscript on the Astros’ combined no-hitter in Game 4.

Audio presentation: Jack White, “An Advice from You to Me”
Audio output: Aimee Mann, “Momentum”

Link to MLBTR on Hiring Grifol
Link to MLBTR on hiring Montoyo
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Link to the study on the demographics of managers
Link to Shakeia on manager demographics
Link to Rob on manager demographics
Link to James Wagner’s manager thread
Link to Baumann on game 3
Link to Baker and McCullers story
Link to the history of the defense of Castellanos
Link to Harper and Bohm music video
Link to Pedro on pitch-tipping
Link to Rosenthal on pitch-tipping
Linked to Atlantic article
Link to Rany’s thread on the article
Link to FG on the post-season bike
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Link to Passan on the post-season bike
Link to Ben Clemens on the playoffs
Referee Stat Blast Data Link
Link to Lucas Apostoleris on Twitter
Link to 1924 story source
Link to article on Bohm’s comments
Link to the story of Boo Santa Claus
Link to a tweet about Santa’s encouragement
Link to Jacob Pomrenke’s website
Link to Jacob Pomrenke on Twitter
Link to Russell on the Momentum
Link to Russell again on his momentum
Link to FG World Series odds

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