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She’s back… and it’s about time! It has been almost 11 months since The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) last graced our screens and although the impact of COVID-19 has forced plans for a series to be reduced to 10 parts 13, Chris Chibnall and his company seek to make a virtue out of necessity by telling an epic story – subtitled Flux – through the six episodes that have been produced.

We certainly don’t feel like we’re wrong: we’ve been promised the return of classic enemies like the Sontarans, Weeping Angels, Oods and Cybermen, along with a new companion in the form of John Bishop. . Dan Lewis, and quite possibly some answers regarding the Doctor’s origins after the big reveal of Timeless Child last year.

But what is “Flux” and why is it “the greatest enemy the Doctor has ever faced”? Who exactly is Vinder (Jacob Anderson) “the man of honor”? And with the Thirteenth Doctor’s time almost up, will all of that play into his release for the series?

Stay tuned to for our live reactions to Flux: Chapter One – The Halloween Apocalypse as it unfolds on BBC One starting at 6:25 PM. The adventure has only just begun!

Doctor Who Series 13 Episode 1 Live Blog

7:20 p.m .:

That’s your lot until next week and the war of the Sontarans – thank you for joining us here on for this live video from Doctor Who. See you next Sunday for everything that comes after the end of the universe!

7:17 p.m .:

So the Halloween Apocalypse was a lot – fast, fun and frantic. With so much to do and such a wild mix of styles and tones, it might be fair to say that not everyone will love everything, but everyone must have enjoyed it. Something about that. I loved these too brief scenes of Weeping Angels!

7:15 p.m .:

Raise your hand who has any idea what’s going on? * Holds the hand firmly *

7:12 p.m .:

Called it – Swarm has been an old enemy of the Doctor since his time in The Division! It’s a smart idea – with huge chunks of the Doctor’s past erased from her mind, she now “meets” a bitter enemy she’s fought time and time again but can’t remember … and that means ‘he has the advantage!

7:07 p.m .:

These redesigned Sontarans are lovely. Well, not charming. Hideous. But brilliantly hideous. Inspired by more classic series than the previous one. Sontar-ha!

7:05 p.m .:

“Nice to meet you, Dan – run for your life!” – who else caught the reference to Rose Tyler over there? (The second in as many minutes … does that count as a pattern?)

7:04 p.m .:

What is causing the Flux? Is it a natural phenomenon? Or is it artificial? And if it is the work of a particular group or individual, who? Is Swarm responsible?

Data, I need data!

6:55 p.m .:

“Rose Observation Outpost” – Rose? Coincidence or something else? You would think Chris Chibnall would be aware that you can’t pitch this name in the mix, even in this casual way, and don’t expect fans’ tongues to start stirring…

6:54 p.m .:

No matter how familiar we are with their shtick now… weeping angels remain a brilliantly scary creation. Poor Claire!

6:52 p.m .:

Nothing against the late Graham and Ryan, but the Doctor and Yaz work brilliantly as a duo – it will be interesting to see how the dynamics change once Dan officially joins the TARDIS team.

6:50 p.m .:

Steve Oram, Craig Parkinson, Blake Harrison, Annabel Scholey… loads of brilliant actors appearing in Doctor Who: Flux, but I’m mostly excited that Rochenda Sandall’s friend in the Arctic Circle is played by Gunnar Cauthery, Lloyd from the 1990’s Demon Headmaster Series!

6.43 p.m .:

Weird that Karvanista’s Jedi mind trick doesn’t work on Dan. Could John Bishop’s character be more than he looks? (PS “You don’t look like four bears!” Is a great joke from daddy.)


“Your reward for your admirable service to The Division…” – wait, The Division? This Division? The Time Lord’s secret police that the Doctor once served but that you no longer remember being a part of? Is this how Swarm knows the Doctor – and how he and she seem to share some form of telepathic bonding?

6.33 p.m .:

Fun fact: Joseph Williamson (Steve Oram) is a true historical figure, who is indeed best known for having built a series of tunnels in the Edge Hill district of Liverpool. The tunnels were built over a period of 30 years, between 1810 and 1840. The purpose of these vast underground excavations remains a real mystery!

6.30 p.m .:

Uh… why is there a mattress in the TARDIS control room? Perhaps the Doctor is such a genius intelligence that she had planned her escape with Yaz from Karvanista in every detail, down to the perfectly positioned mattress lying on the floor of the TARDIS – ready to cushion their fall while they were. Propelled. through the doors and onto the console room floor?

Still, you can’t help but think that “Thasmin” shippers are going to have fun with this one …

6:27 p.m .:

Nitro-9! Who caught the reference to 1980s Doctor Who mate Ace (Sophie Aldred) there? Of course, if you’ve read the 2020 spin-off novel In Late Childhood, you’ll know the Thirteenth Doctor recently found Ace… maybe this is where she picked up some old stuff?

6:20 p.m .:

How many minutes of Countryfile in total do you think Doctor Who fans have watched over the years, just because they always tune in at the end while waiting for their show to start?

6.15 p.m .:

T-minus 10 minutes! If you’re looking to kill some time before the episode starts and haven’t watched this amazing clip of Jodie, Mandip, and John competing to grab candy in a bucket, do yourself a favor and hit play now… (Furiously competitive Mandip is the best Mandip.)

5:55 p.m .:

30 minutes to go! If you feel like it’s been ages since Doctor Who has been on our screens, it has become. 11 months! 43 weeks! 303 days! When Revolution of the Daleks first aired on BBC One, Donald Trump was still President of the United States, Harry and Meghan met Oprah in over two months, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were still officially in a relationship.

Oh, and we oblivious fans were about seven months away from learning that Jodie Whittaker would be leaving Doctor Who in 2022 …

5.40 p.m .:

Does anyone else experience a momentary panic when the clocks move backwards mean your EPG thinks it’s 6:40 pm and Doctor Who is already on TV? Stop – we still have Countryfile for another 45 minutes…

5:25 p.m .:

Hi, Whovians – and welcome to this live blog where we get to experience and unbox The Halloween Apocalypse together. Shortly before the Doctor and Yaz (Mandip Gill) are back on our screens and we can finally meet Dan Lewis (John Bishop)! It’s time to enter a state of flux …

Just make sure you’ve dimmed the lights – not only will this add to the spooky Halloween vibe, but it will hopefully discourage deceivers from knocking on your door midway through the episode …

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Doctor Who: Flux airs on BBC One on Sundays. To find out more, check out our science fiction page or our full TV guide.


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