Do the Buffalo Bills’ Super Bowl 57 odds make it a bad bet?

Heading into the 2022 NFL season, the Buffalo Bills were widely expected to be the best team in the league. There’s a reason the top Super Bowl betting apps listed them as title contenders, after all.

During the first two weeks, this was only confirmed. They worked everything, including an unstoppable attack with a suffocating defense.

The Bills’ Super Bowl 57 odds had them as favorites heading into the season, and they only got better. However, will the Bills win the 2023 Super Bowl when all is said and done?

Let’s break down the Bills’ prospects for this season and decide if we should bet on them to win Super Bowl 57.

Bills’ odds of winning Super Bowl 57

Let’s first see what the Bills Super Bowl 57 odds are right now. When it comes to futures betting like the Super Bowl, you want to make sure you get what you pay for.

It doesn’t make much sense to bet on a team that doesn’t have much value when there’s a fair amount of risk involved.

Here are the best US betting sites that offer Bills Super Bowl 2023 odds.

As you can see, most of the top sites have Bills Super Bowl 2023 odds at +450. That means a $100 bet on the Bills right now will payout $550 if they win the Super Bowl.

$450 is a decent return on a $100 investment, but it’s also the lowest of any other NFL team. All other teams not named the Bills will have a bigger out. Ultimately, you want to make sure you’re lining up your bets with a team that has a high chance of winning, with a prize that’s worth it.

For example, the Los Angeles Chargers have odds of +1400 on BetOnline. This would pay out $1,500 on a $100 bet, or about three times the Bills payout amount.

So, you must be wondering if Bills Super Bowl odds are worth waiting for or if you should look for another team to bet on.

Why tickets are current Super Bowl 57 favorites

If you haven’t seen a Bills game yet this year, you might be wondering what makes them so good. There are a lot of great teams in the league, so why do they stand out from the rest of the pack by such a big margin?

Well, Buffalo has pretty much everything you can think of. Josh Allen is a superstar quarterback and is the NFL MVP favorite. He has a cannon for an arm, is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and leads the offense to perfection.

Allen is the main reason the Buffalo Bills’ chances of winning the Super Bowl are the best in the NFL. He is a generational talent and will be among the Bills contenders for the next decade.

Not only do they have Allen leading the offense, but they also have one of the best wide receivers in the NFL in Stefon Diggs. The QB-WR duo have already shown us why they might have the most dangerous offense in the NFL.

They also have a great offensive line, Gabriel Davis, Dawson Knox, and more. It’s safe to say that they will score a lot this year.

The bills aren’t too forward-looking, though. Buffalo wants to win right now. They prepared during the offseason by sign Von Miller to a six-year contract. Miller might be the last piece they needed to get over the hump. Their defense ranked first in the NFL in points allowed per game (17.0), and it just got better.

Buffalo has one of the best rosters in the league and is certainly capable of winning this year’s Super Bowl.

You could say they were the best team in the NFL last year, but the Chiefs knocked them out in overtime after winning a toss.

The overtime rules have been changed so that the coin toss no longer affects the game as strongly as it used to. So will the Bills win the Super Bowl this year? The better question might be, why won’t they?

Bovada is the best NFL betting site and offers Bills Super Bowl odds at +450. Head over there to place your bets if you think they’ll seal the deal.

Why betting on tickets could be a mistake

So, are the Bills a good bet for the Super Bowl? They certainly look like the best team in the NFL, but the best overall team doesn’t always win the Super Bowl. Often the team that ends up winning is the one that goes slightly under the radar.

Everyone expects Buffalo to do great things this year. Again, it’s not really a question of whether the Bills can win the Super Bowl. It’s more like, will the Bills win the Super Bowl?

They are more than capable of winning, but will they live up to the hype? Here are a few reasons why they might not make a good bet.

Risk of injury

Ultimately, no one can predict the future. The Buffalo Bills’ odds of winning the Super Bowl indicate they have the best chance of winning right now. However, odds are subject to change, especially over the course of an entire season.

I hope that doesn’t happen, but what if Josh Allen suffers a serious injury? One of his best attributes as a quarterback is his ability to direct the ball. It’s worked so far, but can his body withstand a full season of beatings and collusions without a scratch?

There have been several times this year where Allen guns down stiff defenders and truck people in for extra yards. This makes for great highlights but also increases his risk of injury. A big injury to Allen would hurt the Buffalo Bills’ chances of winning Super Bowl 57.

Ultimately, futures betting is risky due to the possibility of injury. They are unpredictable, so the correct approach would be to bet on a team with odds that reflect the risk involved.

fierce competition

In addition to potential injuries, the Bills will face tough teams in the playoffs. The AFC is full of Super Bowl contenders, which means the Bills may have to face one in every round of the playoffs.

It’s tough enough to beat a tough team in the NFL, let alone having to beat three to four.

The Bills should be favored to win just about any game this year. That said, upsets happen frequently in the NFL.

Last year we saw the Bills lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville had an abysmal season, but they still managed to defeat the mighty Bills. Buffalo looks untouchable at times, but they could still suffer a devastating loss.

We also saw the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Bills in overtime in the Divisional Round. All it took was a draw and a few big plays from the Chiefs’ offense, and the Bills’ season was over.

Not only are the Chiefs still among the best teams in the AFC, but there are several other top contenders as well. So, will the Bills win Super Bowl 57? They’re at least going to have to go through some tough Super Bowl 57 sleeper picks.

6 sleeper picks who could win Super Bowl 57

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Historic struggles

Buffalo has also made the Super Bowl four times in franchise history. The four Super Bowl appearances were consecutive, which is the longest streak of all time in the NFL.

Their record in these four games? 0-4. The Bills have been the best team in the NFL before, but they still couldn’t get the job done.

Now, every year is different, and that’s not the most reliable thing to do. However, luck was not on Buffalo’s side. I don’t know if it’s just something about the city of Buffalo or what, but they weren’t able to get the job done.

Some bettors are also superstitious. If you’re not cleaning your shirt or wearing the same socks on game day, maybe consider betting on another team.

Again, this is unreliable to base your Super Bowl prediction on. Maybe this team is the best in Bills history, and Josh Allen is the savior.

Do you have to bet on the bills to win Super Bowl 57?

Will the Bills win the 2023 Super Bowl? Time will tell us. They certainly have the talent, but so many unforeseen events could shape the outcome of this NFL season. A stroke of bad luck could easily ruin their chances of winning.


Before making your final decision, be sure to take a close look at the Bills Super Bowl odds. Their odds have the smallest payback of any team, but they might have the best chance of winning.

Ultimately, it seems like the only thing that could slow the Bills down is injuries. If they can survive the regular season without anything crucial, chances are they’ll break their Super Bowl curse.

This could also be the last time we see Bills Super Bowl odds above +400. At the end of the season, they could continue their winning case. This would further reduce their chances.

If you are looking for where to bet on the Super Bowl, check out these sites to bet on the Bills. Also check out these Super Bowl betting tips if you are new to NFL betting.

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