CALL FOR ARTISTS: Showcase and sell your works of art on Burien Arts’ online art market “BAM! “


Burien Arts Association is looking for artists to submit their original work to its online art market Burien, aka BAM! :

Confirmed artists, introduce yourself to a new audience and build your followers!

If you are a new artist in the making, this is a great way to market yourself!

“Burien Arts has a strong customer base and likes to facilitate new introductions. Our mission is to enrich the life of the community of the Burien region by offering creative and innovative artistic activities. We offer art classes for children and adults, Shakespeare in the Park performances, poetry, storytelling hours and more.

Artists apply online here:

The deadline for submission is October 31, 2021.

Categories include:

      • Jewelry
      • Sculpture
      • Engraving
      • Paintings
      • Drawings
      • Ceramic
      • Collages
      • Mixed media
      • Found object Art
      • Fiber arts
      • Functional craftsmanship

If your art does not fit into any of the categories mentioned above, please send an email [email protected] a description for review.

Complete the online form to submit item photos, or representative samples of your items, to the event store. These will be examined by a jury of Burien Arts curators.

BAM artists interested in opening your studio for a tour on Saturday November 20, contact Grace Stiller at [email protected] for more details.

Things to consider:

    • This event has a 50/50 commission term that applies to all items, so please price your items accordingly. Burien Arts appreciates your participation and contributions that fund our free programs and events, as well as our annual Highline Highline Arts Fellowship awarded to a graduate student pursuing their studies in the arts.
    • This is one of our biggest fundraisers, and we appreciate your support! This event normally attracts over 300 customers when held in person, but the number is unlimited with the online format. The Market Store opens at 10 a.m. on November 19 and closes at midnight on November 21. It takes place entirely online and will last for 3 full days. The artist may submit up to 10 original pieces, unless otherwise agreed.
    • All artwork will be collected from the artist by the client, unless other arrangements are made. If the customer wants the job mailed to them, the customer pays the shipping costs.

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