Browns are reportedly exploring sites for a new stadium

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The last time the Browns wanted a new stadium, it didn’t end well. The Browns would like a new stadium.

A report from which was picked up speak News-Herald indicates that the franchise that returned to the NFL in 1999 with a new stadium may want another new stadium.

The question, as is often the case with existing stadiums, is whether to renovate or replace. The Browns, according to the report, are scouting local locations for a new venue.

Browns spokesman Peter John-Baptiste told it was “a bit too far ahead of the story.” As noted by Jeff Schudel of News-Heraldco-owner Dee Haslam has raised the possibility of a new stadium in 2018.

“The main thing is to start the conversation, at some point,” Dee Haslam said at the time. “I don’t know if we’re ready to start the conversation, but we’re ready to get all the information we can on what’s possible. So I think it’s really important to find out what’s possible.

The team’s lease in the current stadium runs until 2028. Which means it’s time to figure things out.

A new stadium would most likely include a retractable dome or roof. This would allow it to be used for other events, especially in the colder months.

Like any other stadium project, taxpayer contribution will become a major factor. Last time out, a lack of public funding caused the Browns to become the Ravens. While it’s far too early to consider the Browns leaving Cleveland again, it’s not too early to realize that when it comes time to open a new stadium, the Haslams certainly won’t want it. pay themselves.

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