Blog: The dreaded New Year’s resolution (1/7/22)

With 2021 behind us and February approaching, we’re finding that keeping that dreaded New Year’s resolution can be more difficult than we thought.

It was a cinch to make a promise in December. You can easily test your willpower.

Can you make and keep a New Year’s resolution? This question has been around forever and it is becoming more and more difficult to answer.

Making a New Year’s resolution might be one way of saying something needs to change.

My neighbor had hoped to eat healthier foods, but I see pizza delivered at least twice a week.

My friend Myrna vowed to be more organized. Yesterday I stopped at his desk in Linton and couldn’t see the top of his desk.

I heard a woman at Walmart swear she would spend less money this year, but her arms were loaded with packages.

Were these people stupid to make a New Year’s resolution that they knew they couldn’t keep?

Maybe people make resolutions wanting to start the New Year with a clean slate.

For some people, keeping the New Year’s resolution is an easy thing to do. For others, it is difficult.

I met a woman who made a New Year’s resolution that she and her child would read a new book every week. I hope they can follow their reading program.

At home, we’ve kept our New Year’s resolution simple.

We’ll be thinking about exercising more and if no one has touched this fruit cake by March, we’ll throw it away.

Nancee Harrison is a former columnist for Greene County Daily World. Visit or email her at [email protected] or send your comments to Nancee, Daily World, box 129 Linton IN 47441.

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