Bez OUT after start with Corrie’s Sally, Connor falls as Brendan gets top 10 in ‘fix row’

DANCING On Ice’s Bez became the latest celebrity to be kicked off the show after losing the skate to Corrie’s Sally Dynevor.

It was the end of the road for favorite comedy actor Bez.

During a busy night, Brendan earned his first 10 of the season.

Meanwhile, Connor fell flat on his stomach.

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  • Strictly a “fix”

    Fans couldn’t help but talk about Arlene giving her former Strictly co-star Brendan a 10.

    One said, “#DancingOnIce Arlene 10 really?! No, it wasn’t worth a 10, she’s biased I think.

  • Bez would never show

    Fans loved tonight’s DOI.

    One tweeted: “Tonight’s DOI was literally the best ever. Arlene gave low marks and received dog stares from Jayne, then gave Brendan a 10 and received doggie looks from Jane. More like this next week please! #DancingOnIce Oh and Bez stay up but his pro goes down 😂 Classic!”

  • what a continuation

    Fans thought Kimberley Wyatt looked like Eastenders icon Barbara Windsor during this week’s musical special.

    Pussycat Doll star Kimberley was performing a routine with music from the Funny Girl show.

  • strictly friends

    Fans couldn’t help but talk about Arlene giving her former Strictly co-star Brendan a 10.

    One said, “#DancingOnIce Arlene 10 really?! No it wasn’t worth a 10, she’s biased I think..”

  • Fan fury

    Another week, another landline.

  • fix it

    Fans claim Sally was saved because she’s on ITV Corrie.


  • Bez goes

    Dancing On Ice bid farewell to Bez from Happy Mondays after pulling out of the week of musicals.

    Bez performed in a skate-off against Sally Dynevor but faltered throughout Sunday’s show, including pro partner Angela Egan who fell as they battled to keep their place in the competition.

  • Correct line

    Some fans thought the wrong person had gone home.

    One tweeted, “Will @sallydynevor literally EVER let go of @TheMattEvers, let’s be honest? Here’s some hope for week 7.”

  • Bez is still acting

    Fans mourn Bez after he was kicked off the show.

    One wrote: “Goodbye Bez you were a legend.”

  • Sally saved

    Some fans thought it should have been Bez.


  • Goodbye-Bez

    Fans reacted to Bez’s exit.

    We will miss him. Honest.

    One said, “Well, that was the longest late ride!”

  • Bez comes home

    Sally saved!

    Fans rejoice.

  • Enchanting

    Sally and Matt are doing what they do best.


  • Bez and Sally skate off

    Did you see Angela, Bez’s partner, fall?

    Bez is having a blast on what could be his last turn on the ice.

    Always smiling. Rider!

  • Winners

    Regan, Kimberley and Brendan are thrilled to be back next week.

    And Connor who slipped!

  • Kye is through

    Do you see him celebrating! The crowd went crazy.

  • someone is coming home

    After the break, another celebrity will face the axe.


  • Strictly speaking

    Fans have something to say about Arlene’s score.


  • Top 10 of the season

    Did you see Arlene give her “old Strictly pal” Brendan a 10?

  • Come on, Arlene

    Fans are really questioning his marking.

    One said: “A fall and 2 stumbles and an 8.5 from Arlene????”

  • Scapegoat

    Did you see poor Connor fall?

    Have you seen him stand up like a pro, though!

  • unwanted guest

  • favorite things

    Sally and Matt.

    So enchanting.

    Did you see Matt’s face when Arlene gave that low score?


  • Best skate of the night

    Fans were obsessed with Kye’s skateboarding – but thought Arlene underestimated him.

    One tweeted: “Well done Kye and Tippy, that was a fantastic routine and you did even better this week, that’s a 9 from me! :)”

  • He’s O-kye

    What a skate! Do you see how confident Kye is as the Artful Dodger even though he has NEVER watched a musical…

    Look how excited he is by these scores.

    Surely he can’t be in the bottom 2?

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