Best of Law Blogging: Travel Restrictions, Alumni Relationships, and Why You Shouldn’t “Do the Right Thing”



It’s Friday and that means we have a new batch of our favorite blog posts from last week, all handpicked by our Publishing Team members. COVID-19 remains a priority for many legal bloggers as they continue to manage everything from changing travel restrictions to new local orders and unvaccinated employees. We also have articles on workers’ compensation, tips on building an alumni relations program, and even references to a recent Marvel TV show.

Alec’s choices

Illinois Work Comp – Don’t Do the Right Thing

It’s not often that someone tells you “Don’t do the right thing”, but Mike Helfand in fact it certainly is. Helfand tells us the story of an employee who got injured on the job and tried to do what it took for his business, only to find himself in a precarious legal situation. Helfand knows his audience well and tells it like it is. He provides great advice to clients and potential clients in layman’s terms and demonstrates exactly why he is an attorney you should want to work with. Read the full story at Illinois Work Compensation Law Blog.

CHRO vs CHRO: How Much is the Emotional Distress of “Garden Variety” Really Worth

Veteran Law Blogger Daniel Schwartz isn’t afraid to mix funny elements into his posts – and as a fan of Marvel comics, Loki’s references throughout this one made me laugh. This article is a great example of a lawyer providing solid legal analysis, but making sure it’s not too dry by inserting their own voice and personality into their writing. Lawyers and non-lawyers alike may appreciate a well-crafted article like this. Available at Connecticut Labor Law Blog.

Money Money Money: How Much Can the Surcharge for Medicare for Unvaccinated Employees Be?

Some employers may soon impose premium increases on unvaccinated employees with company health insurance plans. Nathalie Nathanson follows Jackson Lewis’s earlier coverage of this issue with information on the exact amount of this surcharge. Nathanson gives a fairly in-depth analysis of how the Affordable Care Act intersects with this issue and gives employers concrete direction on how to proceed. It does this while also linking to other company posts, using numbered lists and bold captions, all features that make for a great blog post. Give it a read at Benefits Law Advisor.

Michelle’s choices

LA County issues new health order affecting bars, breweries, wineries, distilleries, restaurants and outdoor mega-events

With all of the new COVID guidelines rolling out – and they vary widely by state and even county – it can be difficult to keep track of and know what applies to you and what doesn’t. Well, if you’re in LA, Jill Ripke and Lara Grines are here for you. They offer a great article that not only has complete information on the county’s latest public health decree, but is also extremely well organized and easy to scan. You can quickly identify the information you need with its user-friendly formatting. Available on Perkins Coie’s Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance for Businesses.

Why Your Law Firm Needs an Alumni Relations Program and How to Start One

If your business does not have an alumni relations program, this is worth considering. And who better to present the idea than Stefanie Marrone, who has led alumni programs in several companies. She uses her personal experience when writing this article which gives it credibility and makes it all the more persuasive. Marrone goes on to explain How? ‘Or’ What to create and run a program as well. Her blog post does it all, offering great advice to readers and also providing an action plan on how to get things started. Find out on The Social Media Butterfly.

End of NIEs near – Biden’s Covid team announces travel restrictions will be lifted in November

I’m trying not to select more than one COVID related article in the same week, but I had to highlight this article written by Shaena Rowland of Hunton Andrews Kurth. She does a great job providing in-depth coverage of the recent announcement of direct entry into the United States by fully vaccinated international travelers. Even if she prefaces her FAQ part by mentioning that there are few details available at the moment, she answers to the best of her ability 14 questions that may arise. To learn more about these relaxed restrictions, see Business Immigration Insights.


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