Adcore Inc Launches New Blog Focused On Digital Marketing For Marketing Professionals

Adcore Inc (TSX: ADCO) has announced that it has launched a new company focused on digital marketing Blog on its website, which it believes will better serve its customer base and provide valuable industry insights.

The blog aims to help marketing professionals such as CMOs and CMOs better understand and harness the power of digital marketing technology to grow their business.

In terms of content, Adcore said the new blog will feature a wide variety of popular categories in digital marketing, including PPC, e-commerce, advertising channels, technology, and more.

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Content is created and delivered through a variety of mediums, including traditional blog posts, news stories, videos, how-to articles, and hot topics. In addition, the Adcore blog will also feature a capital markets section focusing on marketing and AdTech, providing industry developments and updates to help readers understand the industry as a whole, the company added.

“In today’s world, content is becoming increasingly crucial as it answers our audience’s questions and helps build trust, develop relationships, improve conversions and increase engagement” , Adcore CEO Omri Brill said in a statement.

“Customers expect consistent, high-quality content from their favorite brands, and Adcore’s new blog is all about that and more. The new blog is an exciting addition to our website, empowering digital marketers from around the world to connect, read and share opinions.”

Brill told shareholders that the company is seeing a dramatic increase in its subscriber base, which the CEO says demonstrates the value and relevance of the content provided by Adcore.

“We look forward to further leveraging the blog to support our existing customers,” added Brill.

Toronto-based Adcore is a leading e-commerce advertising management and automation platform for leveraging digital marketing in an easy and accessible way.

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