Acting as a senior student

Over the past few years, I’ve learned a lot about theater in general and have a passion for plays and musicals that I didn’t know existed. Then the pandemic came to change everything and when I started going to more shows in my city I had to stop. That’s when I started looking for content online to keep this new interest close to me, so I found lots of documentaries, series, movies, books and podcasts

Following sites and accounts on social networks specialized in theater was something great. For sanity, I avoided watching the news, but the ones about the theater community made me happy during those tough times.

Then I started getting involved in things like writing here as a student blogger, talking about drama on a school radio show, writing about musicals, etc. And it was until this summer, when I was finally able to return to my campus, that I decided I had to take a chance and join the production company; otherwise I would regret having wasted this time for my last year.

From day one, I was so excited and nervous because I didn’t know anything technical about theater to be honest. What I appreciate the most in this workshop is that we first learn the theory about roles in a theater production, how a play is made, what exactly should be on each team and other things that have to do with the making of any production that we see on stage. And then we’re in charge of a few shows during the semester, this time it’s a dance show, a Day of the Dead event, and a junior production of In the heights.

The fact that this year we are working with In the heights, a musical that I love with all my heart makes me think that anything had to happen. Maybe it was just a coincidence or maybe it was fate, but what are the odds that I decided to join the company in my senior year, not knowing anything about what we were going to do and that I got to be part of the production of one of my favorite musicals, created by one of my favorite people in the world.

This week we started with auditions and in that process I was a member of the stage crew. At first, I was as nervous as anyone auditioning for any of the characters, because I had never done anything like this before. I think I made a few mistakes but I learned how to do it and to be honest I had fun and getting to know my classmates and colleagues at this workshop was cool.

I am so happy and lucky to be able to have the chance to be in the world of acting, to learn and to start exploring other skills. Doing theater is something I never thought I could do, because I’m not an actress, a singer and I would like to be a dancer; but as a theater lover and creative, I realized that I could be part of at least one of these groups behind a play or a musical.

Theater is an industry of people, art and hard work. I hope that in the future I might have the opportunity to work there and do something to make a show happen, because who knows if in the audience there is someone like me, who doesn’t know he can be part of that magic that everyone sees on stage.

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