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Thanks to Google Maps and Street View, it’s pretty easy to spot the location of a condo these days… or is it? Over time, we’ve found that this is quite unfair to some condos (we’ve made this mistake before) – there are properties that don’t. appear very accessible or convenient on the internet, but are great once you get down in person. Here are some condos that have a better location than they first appear:

1. Clavon

Clavon MRT

Location: 6 Avenue Clémenti 1 (District 5)

Developer: UIC & UOL Venture Investments

Lease: 99 years old

HIGH: 2025

Number of units: 640

Median price: $1,674 per square foot

What you should know:

Clementi MRT (East West Line) seems really away from Clavon, if you check the maps online. The “official” route to the MRT station is often given as more than a 15 minute walk, which is too inconvenient for most.

However, this is because the route currently avoids Clementi Peaks (a BTO development), which is under construction. Once these flats are completed, residents of Clavon will be able to walk directly through the flats, saving a lot of time on the walk.

Casa Clementi’s 24-hour Sheng Siong is also overlooked, just an eight-minute walk from Clavon. There is also a cafe here, along with a few clinics and a dentist.

2. Main Garden

Main Garden MRT

Location: 93 Prince Charles Crescent (District 3)

Developer: Secure Venture Development (Alexandra) Pte. ltd.

Lease: 99 years old

HIGH: 2018

Number of units: 663

Median price: $1,928 per square foot

What you should know:

There are many claims that Principal Garden is too far from the MRT to walk. It’s a bit of a half-truth. Although the distance is not short, it is fair to point out that Redhill MRT (East West Line) can be reached in 10 minutes on foot; this is an acceptable walking distance for some.

Plus, there’s a bus stop just outside Principal Garden, so you’re only a few stops from Redhill MRT; most residents will not experience much inconvenience.

Also note that the main garden is across the canal from Alexandra Park Connector (there is a bridge). This allows residents to walk straight to Alexandra Road giving you easy access to the CBD.

And as a location itself, Principal Garden is really central, so if you drive, you can get to most places in Singapore pretty quickly.

3. Forecourt

Parvis metro station

Location: 12 Holland Hill (District 10)

Developer: Calne Pte. ltd.

Lease: Full ownership

HIGH: 2012

Number of units: 248

Median price: $2,087 per square foot

What you should know:

Some websites list the closest amenities to Parvis as being in the center of Holland V (near the MRT station). It’s not within walking distance, about 15 minutes; so it could give the impression that there are no amenities nearby.

Upon closer inspection, however, we discovered that there was a back door to Parvis. From here there is a route to Commonwealth Crescent Market, which is only an eight-minute walk away. For this reason, many descriptions continue to miss the fact that there is a large hawker center just steps away.

An often missed perk is the 10-minute walk to Chip Bee Gardens, which is a foodie’s paradise. Admittedly, this one is a bit longer on foot; but residents can walk there via Taman Warna.

4. Valley Park

Valley Park Subway Station

Location: 473 River Valley Road (District 10)

Developer: River Valley Properties Pte. ltd.

Lease: 999 years

HIGH: 1997

Number of units: 248

Median price: $1,895 per square foot

What you should know:

The valley park is a lot closer to Great World City and its adjacent MRT station (Thomson-East Coast Line) than many websites suggest. There is a back gate in Valley Park, which allows residents to walk through Zion Close – this will take them to Great World City in about six minutes.

Another often missed bonus is how easy it is to get to Tiong Bahru. Just take the 32 bus from the stop just outside Valley Park. It will stop outside Block 48, and from there it’s only a six-minute walk to the heart of Tiong Bahru.

5. Costa Rhu

Costa Rhu metro station

Location: 1 Rhu Cross (District 15)

Developer: Amcol Gardens Pte. ltd.

Lease: 99 years old

HIGH: 1997

Number of units: 737

Median price: $1,409 per square foot

What you should know:

There are a few changes that have benefited the Costa Rhu since its appearance in the 1990s. For starters, the Costa Rhu will be close to the upcoming Founders Memorial; and residents can walk there.

This will in turn connect to Gardens by The Bay (it is integrated with the Gardens). This will be in place and ready in 2027.

Another much-needed update for Costa Rhu concerns developments in the Kallang area. The Kallang Sports Hub and its companion Kallang Wave Mall did not exist when the Costa Rhu was created. As such, many old reports list Leisure Park or Golden Mile as the nearest main retail.

In fact, the Sports Hub and Kallang Wave Mall are about an eight-minute drive from Costa Rhu and may now be a more convenient option. It is also often forgotten that if you cycle along the Tanjong Rhu promenade, you can get to the Kallang Wave Mall in just seven minutes.

6. Costa Del Sol

Costa Del Sol

Location: 68 Bayshore Road (District 16)

Developer: Japura Development Pte. ltd.

Lease: 99 years old

HIGH: 2003

Number of units: 906

Median price: $1,555 per square foot

What you should know:

Contrary to online maps, the Costa Del Sol is not several miles from the beach on the east coast. The condo has a side door and an underpass that crosses the road, so residents can reach the beach barbecue area in as little as five minutes.

Costa Del Sol and its surrounding neighbors (Bayshore Park and The Bayshore) will both be within a five-minute walk of the next MRT Bayshore (Thomson-East Coast Line) in 2023, although there is currently no access to the MRT.

Also note that there is a huge daycare center (Alphabet Playhouse) which is right in front of the three condos.

Does your condo have side entrances or changes that are not well known?

Let us know, so we can provide reviews and updates; these will help future buyers make a more informed decision. To learn more about these developments, as well as Singapore’s private real estate market, follow us on Stacked.

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