Bank Loan – How much can I ask for?


The Cream Bank small loan is a subsidized loan that can be requested by civil servants directly on the Cream Bank portal, active since 2013. The administrated can thus take advantage of a small loan whose installments will be directly deducted from the salary. Currently the service is offered in self-service mode, so as to avoid having to go directly to your administration or to the Social Institute offices (see also Transfer of the fifth Social Institute).

The online function therefore replaces the traditional one, facilitating users who will be able to carry out all the request operations in complete autonomy and receive the credit directly to their current account.

As required

First of all, you must access the self-service area through which you can also carry out loan simulations in order to calculate the Cream Bank loan interest and monthly installments, as well as view the progress of the submitted file. Thanks to the self service mode, the request can be made 24 hours a day. So let’s see what are the various steps to make the request.

You must log in with your user-id and password, then with your personal pin or the National Service Card and you must have a bank or postal account where your salary is normally credited. After entering the reserved area, proceed with the request, but it is preferable to carry out a simulation of the depreciation plan first. This is calculated by taking as reference the data present in the last available coupon.

Once the request has been made, there are times that Social Institute takes to verify the data and this sometimes involves a difference between the real data and the simulations. To proceed with the request, you must enter the pin. Once the Social Institute has carried out all the checks to verify the real conditions of the administrator, if everything is in order, he will proceed with the crediting of the small loan to the indicated current account.

How long should you wait

To obtain the small multi-year Government Agency loan, the disbursement times are around 45 and 60 days, but certain times cannot be given as it all depends on the time that the Social Institute takes to carry out all the necessary checks on the condition of the administered applicant. In any case it is possible, always from the personal area, to check the progress of the practice.

When it can be requested

Small Cream Bank loan requirements: not everyone, of course, can access this form of loan. As it is easy to guess you must necessarily be public employees for example teachers and you must have the following requirements:

  • be public employees and retirees
  • be enrolled in the unitary management
  • having paid 4 years of contributions


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